Friday, July 21, 2017

Applications For Tarps In Summer

The simple tarp can be used for many applications.  Summertime is especially when you can't get creative for shade or other uses when it comes to this trusty plastic cover. One fine and you so way to use a poly tarp is to use it as a liner in the back of a pick up truck, fill the truck bed with water and you have a homemade Jacuzzi. Some people call these redneck hot tubs. Here are some tips on how to set up a pick up truck hot tub:

  1. One – 10' x 10' poly tarp heavy duty
  2. Make sure the tarp is snug to the bottom of the truck bed. 
  3. Fill the water only 3/4 of the way to the top to prevent over flying when people get in. 
  4. Make sure your truck has the capacity to hold the weight of the water in the truck bed. 
  5. Use at your own discretion and caution. 
It is essential to make sure you use a heavy duty waterproof poly tarp when it comes to filling the truck bed with water to make sure it doesn't leak. Most heavy duty tarps Will be able to handle a small truck bed of water. 

The tarps it should be a minimum of 1000 denier and 14 x 14 mesh count.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vendor Grade Pop Up Tents

Vendor grade canopy pop up tents are essential for vendors that use these tents every weekend.  Vendors that set up their pop up tents at fleamarket's, swap meet, farmers markets and weddings know the importance of a pop up tent with a heavy duty frame and a thick top.  Many times the novice vendor will buy a light duty pop up tent at Home Depot and find themselves with a broken tent after a few uses.  It's important to have a heavy duty tent frame and thick top that can stand the test of time, use and harsh elements.  For many vendors the clean aesthetics are important because this will be the first impression a buyer has about your business.  

Below are important key factors for pop up tents:

  1. A heavy duty frame that could be used every weekend for a long period of time. 
  2. A minimum of a 500 denier top to withstand harsh sun and rain. 
  3. Sandbags to keep the tent frame in place in the occurrence of heavy winds.
  4. A neutral white color top unless the theme of your company is a distinct color. White is all encompassing for many situations.

To test the strength of a pop up tent frame, many users will hold onto the roof frame… The frame is strong if it can hold somebody that is 150 pounds.  It is advised to take precaution when hanging from the tent so do not let your feet remove from the ground.  This test must be done at the users on discretion. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Commercial Grade Party Tents

Commercial grade party tents are an essential tool for catering companies, event coordinators, wedding planners and overall event organizers. The essential components for party tents are:

  1. Heavy duty galvanized steel frame. 
  2. Fire retardant tent top. 
  3. Footpads and canopy steaks for secure foundation. 
  4. A CPA I – 84 fire retardant specification. 
The above specifications are essential for party tents due to the requirements of using them in public.  Of heavy duty frame is essential for multiple uses on a daily weekly and monthly basis.  Most party 10 tops need to be fire retardant due to fire marshal regulations. Most events will take place in public and cover many people so liability is an issue and a fire retardant top is essential. Due to even the slightest of windy conditions making a canopy unstable it is important to make sure the foundation of the canopy is firmly set in the ground. Foot pads and canopy steaks can I sure a solid footing of the party tent.  ACPA I – 84 fire retardant specification will be essential to supply a fire marshal or satisfy insurance requirements when using large party tents in public. 


Most commercial grade party tent sizes range from 10' x 10' two 30' x 40'. Industrial size party tents can range up to 100' x 300' but will require building permits most likely. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Baseball Tarps Season Is Here

Baseball coaches and athletic directors are now searching for baseball tarps for the 2017 season.  These athletic covers need to be of the highest quality to withstand the rain as well as the pulling of the tarp onto the field.  Most coaches will look for the below standards in athletic field covers:

  1. High weave count.  This enables the tarp to be strong and still light weight.
  2. Seat belt grade handles.  These large tarp can be heavy so the hadles must be able to withstand pulling pressure.
  3. Industrial sewing.  Heavy duty handles are only as good as the stitching that attaches it to the tarp.  If the handle rips off the tarp material due to improper sewing, it does not matter how strong the handle is. 
The baseball tarps range in sizes from 100' x 100' to 170' x 170'.  The main purpase is to keep the infield dry.

   Handles range every 10' along the perimeter of the tarp. The tarp can be laid down with sand bags of canopy stakes.

Round tarps can also be used to cover the pitchers mound.
Most of the athletic covers are polyethylene due to it's strength and light wight.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tailgating and Camping Enthusiasts Seek Out Instant Canopy Pop-Up Tents for Spring.

Spring is almost here and camping enthusiasts and tailgate goers are seeking shelter. Instant canopy pop-up tents are the essential tool for these activities. Below are the key components for the right instant canopy pop up tent.

- A light duty but strong pop up tent frame.
- A bullpin release as opposed to a pushpin. 
- A minimum of a 250 denier top. 

Below is the ideal pop up canopy tent for tailgaters and campers: 

It is also essential to make sure the top is a CPAI – 84 specified fire retardant top. Flea market and Swapmeet vendors seek out this high standard of fire retardant in order to stay within fire marshal restrictions.  


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Monster Tailgate Folding Chair with Canopy

The ultimate canopy chair fits 400 lbs.  The Abadak Monster chair is basically a large camping folding chair that can hold multiple people (up to 400 lbs capacity). Tailgaters and camper usually like them because each arm rest can hold 3 drinks, so if you wanted to drink a six pack without getting out of the huge chair, you can. 

This chair comes with a canopy on top to protect against the sun but they also have the folding chairs without canopies.

Key Points about the Abadak Monster Chair:

  • The weight capacity is 400 lbs.
  • Folds into a carry bags - easy to carry.
  •  6' tall
  • Comes in red, blue, black
Abadak says the chair will come in Burnt Orange and Maroon at the beginning of 2017.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Canopy Carport And Their Functionality

A canopy carport is a handy structure and can be used to fulfill all kinds of functionalities. Essentially they are used as a portable structure to park your automobile. You will find that once they are assembled you may have other uses for them.
Home owners who are thinking about purchasing a third family vehicle will often look at this option as a way to protect their new addition from the elements. They are manufactured to protect your motor car from UV sun rays and particles kicked up by the wind.
Some of the products available look like a fully fledged tent when assembled. Assembly is straightforward with a roof and sides to protect your assets. Some buyers opt for this package as their largeness of size enables the user to use them for storage space for tools and other accessories.
For boat owners these products are ideal as they offer the added protection your boat will need when not in use. Boat owners will usually cover their boats with a tarpaulin covering and leave them standing outside or next to the house to brave the elements. Canopies can be used to give them added protection especially for the long winter months when speedboats and other water sports vehicles are left standing.
Assembly is straightforward with easy to use manuals and picture diagrams to assist you with their construction. This can be accomplished within in a few hours. Some business owners will install these in their businesses car park. They look great and can be branded if so wished.
A canopy carport can have other functionalities depending on what your purposes are. They are ideal to store other items under and within. For instance, should you want to spring clean your home and provide extra space within your house, this is a great way to do just that. Other uses because they are portable is to take it along with you should you go on a camping holiday. They offer a reliable source of shade on hot sunny days.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

How To Get The Right Wedding Canopy

You might think it's early but February is the perfect time to start planning for a wedding canopy.  A wedding canopy is regarded as one of the most important elements as far as decoration for the event is concerned. Apart from the fact that they can be used as a fulfillment of cultural practices, it is one of the must have items for such an occasion. It helps bring out the theme chosen for the event.
Looking at the quality of material used is always the starting point. The nature and type of material to be chosen is important for the occasion to spot some elegance and style. Depending on the weather conditions anticipated on the material day, it may also be important to check whether it is waterproof.
The cover selected should be a match with the decorations that will be applied. They should not contrast in any way. The frames are in most cases a representation of a particular theme the couple settled on. This should be reflected in the cover decor.
Arrangement of all the covers chosen should always be given attention. The planner should work with the couple as a way of ensuring that their most important day will be a success. Experimenting is also a great way of portraying the colors and designs chosen specifically for that event.
Before making any selections, it is important to consider the number of invited guests. From the list provided, a decision can then be made regarding the size of cover to be leased as well as the sitting arrangement of all invited guests. This is what makes it easy to settle on the right product that will meet the needs of such an event.
If you are planning a summer wedding, like most it's important to find your wedding canopy months before, so you can plan accordingly.
The wedding canopy provides a great way for organizers and planners to make such an occasion colorful. All this can be done within the budget as the products available come in various price ranges. There is something for each person and for every budget.

The most important factors about a wedding canopy:
  1. Your size determines how many people will be standing or seated under the canopy tent.
  2. It is important to make sure that you have a CPA I – 84 specified fire retardant canopy tent for liability reasons, and safety.
  3. Most canopy tents are supplied with Windows, so people from the party on the outside can see on the inside.
  4. In many cases it's cheaper to buy a wedding canopy as opposed to renting. So, look into local vendors that sell as opposed to rent.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Knowing If And When You Need Carports

Carports are used in many different areas by many different types of people. Amazingly even though they have been around for a long time many homeowners still are unaware of when to use them. For those wondering about them here is a simple guide.
In order to correctly figure out if you need one lets discuss briefly what they are. We all know what a garage is but a car port is different. It has a roof that covers the car and usually visible means of support but is not enclosed like a garage is. This affords protections from rain and excessive sunlight both of which are uncomfortable and can in many cases damage your car.
Many times these canopies are attached to a side or back door of a home. Other are however freestanding and almost mimic the look of a garage. Some are so easy to install that they are portable and can be easily carried anywhere in the trunk of your car. This provides the perfect protection from the elements for you car truck or RV. Yes canopies are now big enough to cover your RV as well.
You generally have a couple of major building materials that are used for these canopies. One of the most durable and popular is a structure made out of metal. Usually the metal is aluminum and is meant to last for years. On the other hand you can also decide that a metal framed canopy is not for you. The choice is canvas. These types of canopies are durable and allow for greater sizes without the added weight found when using metal.
Choosing to create and install carports is an excellent idea for any homeowner. Their durability and flexibility allows for easy installation as well portability. Your only choice is between a metal canopy or a canvas one.

Key points about carports:
  1. The frame and material carport should be able to withstand a considerable snow load.
  2. Canopy stakes and industrial footings should be considered if the carport is being used in a windy area.
  3. Heavy-duty zipper entries should be applied to the front and back of the carport for easy exit and entry.
  4. If winds of 60 miles or greater occur, it is advisable to dismantle the carport because the structure is no match for mother nature.

Friday, December 27, 2013

How Pop Up Canopies Make Business Simpler

Pop up canopies serve almost any situation in a helpful way. Party planners use them as a regular part of various functions. In community projects and festivals, they are great for vendors to set up displays that feature service information brochures.
They work like offices, each set up as a booth in which customers can go to gain information. At job fairs, companies use them to separate themselves from the company sitting just a few feet away. They work well for garden parties, at family reunions, or on the beach. Gather a few in the back of a camper for instant shade and shelter while hanging at a campground.
One of the most useful things to have at a flea market is a canopy. It sets sellers apart from the buyers, creating a makeshift storefront. Each canopy represents a different section. Buy them custom or decorate each with a temporary sign or standing sign on the outside for effective advertising.
They are not heavy and unwieldy as to be difficult for travel and require very little set-up time. Instead of connecting pieces, these open up and one secures them to their temporary location. During job fairs, use a pop up canopy that can fit a table and chairs on both sides. This gives one an opportunity to sit down and speak with possible candidates about the company and its openings. This is a more personal touch over just handing out fliers.
During a wedding reception that features a variety of foods, caterers may use the different tents to house treats. One canopy might have a custom sundae bar, while another one holds a portable bar and smoothie section. This provides something for adults and children attending the function. On sunny days, pop up canopies provide space for friends and family to come back to after walking the beach or swimming. Rather than searching for a space to sit, canopies readily identify which section everyone meets under.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pop Up Tent Canopies For All Occasions

Pop up tent canopies are not just for setting up at a camp site. As a matter of fact, they are possibly least used in camp site settings. They have all sorts of useful applications and are a wonderful addition to any group gathering, such as a festival, convention, or party. Plus, they are lightweight enough to travel anywhere, with some easily fitting in economy sized vehicles.
During a family gathering, especially in warm weather, many people set these up as shade. This is especially important for the elderly and the very young. Set a couple of seats underneath each tent at a park or a beach gathering. Just anchor them to the ground and enjoy the festivities among family and friends.
Another great option for its use is picnics or barbecues. The pop up tent canopies protect food and drinks. Rather than have food exposed to outside elements, keep them surrounded by an enclosed version so that leaves and other items do not land on serving dishes. The server also has a place in which they can sit as guests come up for food.
In homes where one wants to enjoy their backyard, but no shade trees or attached canopy exists, pop up tents offer the perfect escape. One can lounge about reading a book or just relax in the warmth of the sun while shielded from the direct rays. They are great for when guests visit during cocktail hour and want to enjoy nature.
Many carnivals and flea markets take advantage of tents to display bazaar items. Set them up for selling jewelry or offering palm readings. This option is much more inviting than selling in the open air. Once it is time to move on, they pack up easier than almost anything else. Vendors appear more put professional when their product is set underneath pop up tent canopies.

Key factors about pop-up tent, canopies:

  1. If you are using your pop-up tent in public make sure that the tent material is CPA I – 84 specified for fire retardant restrictions.
  2. If the tent is going to be used a lot for swap meets or flea markets make sure that the frame is commercial grade because I light duty frame will break after setting up and breaking down with much use.
  3. Most pop up tents come with a carry bag with built-in wheels. This enables you to transport the pop-up tent easily.
  4. A standard option with pop-up tents are built in footpads.  Make sure that footpads are built-in to the bottom of each pop-up tent leg.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Benefits Of Using A Pet Canopy

Many animal lovers are recognizing the benefits of using a pet canopy to help shade their furry friends from the outdoor elements. These covers are invaluable products, made of durable materials that have been created to minimize the risk of damage to them by the weather.
While these are great for all users, they are especially helpful in areas where there is little or no tress. Many owners often think of these products for their companion in rainy, wet weather, when in fact, they can also be great to offer shade in warm weather.
Those who love to travel with their companion are also finding these unique products very simple to pack up and take on vacation. Because they are made with lightweight materials that are very easy to transport from place to place and truly simple to set up not only, is your companion going to have a sheltered place to rest but, they can rest more comfortably in an unfamiliar vacation spot with a familiar piece of home.
While they are fabulous items to use outdoors in the elements or on a vacation, they can also be enjoyed inside for many users. Toys, blankets, and pillows can be added from your collection giving your furry friend, his or her own private oasis to slip off to when it is time for a rest. No worries, these great products can tuck into a corner, or other space in your home or apartment and blend in easily.
These wonderful products have a price range that can comfortably accommodate those seeking the benefits of this great product, without overspending. With a variety of colors, shapes and sizes intended to accommodate many different breeds of animals, you are sure to find a pet canopy that fits your favorite animal and your own needs just right.

Key factors for pet canopy tents:

  1. It is very important to make sure that the pet canopy has plenty of ventilation to prevent overheating and better breathing.
  2. If the pet canopy is being used as a dog carrier tent. It is essential to make sure that the handle is heavy-duty and can withstand the weight of the animal.
  3. Having a waterproof exterior for the pet canopy will help keep the animal drive, and is a major consideration.
  4. One nice option to have with pet canopies make sure the material is classified TA I – 84 specified. This will prevent the material from burning continuously and protect your pet.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Versatile Garden Canopies For Your Home

Garden canopies are easy-to-assemble, lightweight structures which can be used in your yard for a variety of purposes. They can either be fixed or temporary, depending on the usage. Usually ranging in size between 10 by 10 feet and 20 by 20 feet, they can be purchased in a variety of shapes and colors. The purchase of this versatile item will have you wondering why you never tried one before. The applications are endless - the structures can be used for:
The main usage of these canopies is to provide shade from the sun's rays. Comfortable tables and chairs can be set up beneath the tent to provide a relaxing area for socializing and meals. Food that is set up under this structure will stay fresher longer if the heat of the sun is diverted. Plants can gain some respite from the heat during peak summer hours if temporarily shaded under these canvasses.
Protection From Bad Weather
The sky might be overcast and the smell of rain in the air but that doesn't mean that you have to cancel your backyard plans. These structures are weather resistant and perfect for back-up shelter. Many garden canopies can be purchased with drop-down or removable canvas sides which can also cut down on the amount of wind that goes through the structure.
A Focal Point
If you are having a yard sale, use a small garden canopy tent for a highly visible cashier's station. The same tent may house a face painter and magician during a child's birthday party. For adult purposes, a temporary bar can be set up under the tent on a special occasion. A white or ivory draped tent can be the shelter over a bride, groom and officiator during a formal lawn wedding. Fill the inside with a variety of toys and it can become a designated play area.
Escape from flying insects
Small children and the elderly will benefit from those structures with netting sides to protect them
from mosquitoes, bees and other harmful bugs. Insect-repelling equipment and supplies hung from the inside ceiling brackets of the tent can provide further protection.
A Temporary Patio Cover
Funds may not be on hand for a cover for your deck or patio so these structures can provide a temporary solution. Seating areas and plants under this canvas cover can make an extra living area for you and your family.
Garden gazebo canopies have many uses and it may not be until you actually own once that some of these become apparent. The next time you require extra shelter for your personal or party usage, think about how much you would use your own personal and portable tent structure.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Benefits Of Outdoor Canopies

Whether you are planning a party or just want to have the simple pleasure of sitting outside and enjoying the weather while being sheltered from the weather, outdoor canopies may be just what you need to enjoy a perfect day in the sun or escape unexpected damp weather. These great products can be used all summer long and then simply be tucked away when they are no longer needed.
These great tools come in a variety of sizes, allowing them to accommodated yard sizes both large and small. The outdoor canopies are made of heavy-grade, rust resistant materials that are made to withstand the elements of mother nature so there is little need to worry about them being left out throughout the summer.
Considering how you plan on using your canopy will help you to determine what type is best suited to you. For example, if you are planning to put a canopy up just to accommodate a party, you are less likely to need a material that is as strong as someone who is planning to leave the canopy outside for an extended period of time, so do keep this in mind as you consider what you need.
The cost of outdoor canopies vary depending on a number of factors including what type of material you need as well as the size needs. Tents can also be made to your specific specifications when requested so, you can request a size that is more unusual than your average tent.
There are also a number of different canopy top colors and designs available to please all tastes. Outdoor canopies, is a quick, simple, cost-effective way to make any gathering more pleasurable. Whether it is intended for just a couple of people or quite a few, the popularity of these fabulous products is growing everyday.

Things to remember about outdoor canopies:
  1. If you are in a windy area make sure there are footpads on the legs of the canopy
  2. For best sun protection, make sure the polyethylene material is UV treated
  3. If the canopy footpads are going to be put on dirt you will need canopy stakes – the loose of the dirt. The longer the canopy steak should be hard dirt can get away with only using 10 inch canopy stakes.
  4. Ever outdoor canopy is being used for a party or outdoor event is important to make sure that your material is CPA I – 84 specified, this is California's highest standard of fire retardant and will comply with most of the US.
  5. If you are a swap meet vendor or sell products at a flea market, it is wise to use a instant canopy for easy setup and breakdown

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Benefits Of Using Shade Sails

Shade sails are the ideal option for those people who like to spend time outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze. They offer protection against harmful UV rays that affects skin. Normal sun umbrellas do not offer protection as these do since they are designed using a top of the art technology which bars ultraviolet rays from penetrating.
They have multiple uses and are indeed versatile. They can cover a very large outdoor area, offering protection to many people at the same time. Steel columns or posts made of wood can support the structure. They are flexible allowing the person to easily handle and relocate them whenever they feel appropriate.
Exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays expose persons to cancerous infections, some of which are life threatening. However, these structures block these rays from penetrating. Their functionality qualities are vast since they can also shield users from rain. This is because the materials used in their construction are waterproof.
The mesh shade sails also come in handy at the swimming pool and relaxation parks. The shade they offer is extremely cool and fantastic to chill out in. The installation process is especially easy and can be done by almost anyone within the shortest period. The availability of many shapes to choose from makes it a perfect experience to work with.
Various brands offer users a variety of choices for users to experience with. The different colors available enable users to have freedom of choice in getting the blend that best adapt to their situation. The price tag is not that much and can be matched by anybody. Maintenance works is simple provided the user stores it well if not in use.
Shade sails are the perfect remedy to making sure that while relaxing out in the sun, people do not get affected by harmful rays. Since they come in many price bundles, they are affordable to anyone. Using these items is surely beneficial to users.
 The key points about shade sails:
  1. In order for the mesh shade canopy sales to be effective, they should be a minimum of 70% shade.
  2. Shade sail covers should be tightly woven polyethylene threading with a thick thread shaft.
  3. It is customary for shade sail covers to have grommets only on the corners where the attachments are but sometimes grommets can be around the entire perimeter every 2 feet.
  4. When attaching shade sails. It is important to remember that the support posts should be cemented into the ground to prevent collapsing if heavy winds occur.