Thursday, August 30, 2012

Those In Need Of Custom Party Tents

When it comes time to consider custom party tents there are many choices which can make the choice difficult. These outdoor coverings are perfect for anyone interested in hosting out door gatherings of any kind. Knowing as much about them as possible will make the selection process much easier.
Throwing parties is a fun way to spend a weekend. There are some important considerations that will need to be made in order to make sure the tent you select fits your needs correctly. You should take a moment and consider the comfort of the guests attending the event as well as providing general protection from the elements. If yours parties tend to go long and into the evening a tent is the perfect way to install outdoor lighting.
An ideal way to achieve this is by ordering a tent. These kinds of coverings are equally perfect for gatherings that are big. However smaller gatherings can still benefit by purchasing the right covering. Since sizes vary so dramatically you will want to take time carefully selecting the correctly size unit. A slightly larger unit is far better to have than one that is to small. Modern models are sturdy and meet fire safety codes for added security.
Once you settle on the size that will correctly fit your gathering you now need to take a moment and think about the type of tent. You can purchase custom party tents that are open on all sides making entrance and exiting easy. You can order an enclosed type of tent to meet your needs. When it comes to enclosed models you can choose one with windows or not to suit your needs.
Custom party tents are the perfect accessory to make any outdoor gathering a success. Your first consideration is the size of tent you will need. Once the size is met you should next choose between the two types, open or enclosed type.

 Main points about custom party tents:

  1. Make sure you have someone help you set up.  Most party tents are heavy and the poles are long so it would be wise to have some assistance.
  2. The poly oxford is lighter than the vinyl and will enable you to move the tent easier when done.
  3. Get foot pads if you are setting up the party tent in a windy area. 
  4. Use mesh side walls to keep the tent stable by weakening the wind.
  5. Use bungee hook cords to keep the tent from swaying in the wind.  Party goers will appreciate this as apposed to getting tapped in the head by a swaying party tent.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Benefits Of Using Canopy Party Tents

Many people prefer using canopy party tents because of the vast range of benefits they provide. This makes them the number one option when it comes to choosing the type of tent needs for a party. Outlined below are the wide ranges of benefits offered by these products.
They also provide people with the option of hosting outdoor events without fearing interruptions from weather elements. These weather elements might prove unpredictable, therefore, deeming it necessary for individuals to take the necessary precautions to prevent interruptions. For example, rain and extreme sunshine might make it cumbersome for individuals to engage in outdoor activities.
The party tents also vary in sizes. This makes it easier for people to decide on the preferable size depending on the number of guests invited for an event. This reduces the chances of unnecessary embarrassments brought about by poor planning with regard to space. The party tent's spacious nature also allows for tables and seats to be arranged inside them.
Their canopy shape also increases the convenience of attaching banners on top during promotion events. This helps in advertising of services and products. The fact that the banners are located on the top part of the tents also increases the ease with which people are able to learn more about the products or services being advertised.
Moreover, their shape proves advantageous especially when it rains. This is because the shape creates a basin for the rain water to stay inside. This prevents any leakages from the sides which might damage the interior parts.
In addition, the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing makes them the better option for use in social functions, for example, weddings, compared to regular ones. This makes it easier for decorators to incorporate their color scheme. In addition, most of canopy party tents come in white; a color that is neutral and easy to work with other colors.  Below is a picture of a party tent canopy at a picnic.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Party Tents:

  1. People want to entertain on the cheap and canopy party tents bring a lot of production value at a low cost.
  2. Shade their guests on a hot day.
  3. Protect patio furniture from harsh weather.
  4. Cover food for a party or event.
  5. Backyard decor.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Benefits Of Having A Backyard Canopy

When you decide to invest in a backyard canopy, you may find it has more uses than you initially thought. The occasions it will benefit are numerous, and this can greatly increase the amount of time you spend outside. You may also discover that it is a convenience throughout more than one season.
In the summertime, picnics and cookouts are favorite outdoor activities for many. Family and friends alike look forward to these chances to spend time together. When the weather is warm, having shade makes these occasions much more pleasant. A covering over the dining area will also help protect the food and drinks from airborne debris.
Children playing in the yard may also enjoy having a shady place for their activities. It is quite important to limit the exposure of young people to strong sunshine to protect their delicate skin. This way they can have the benefits of outdoor exercise and fun without some of the possible dangers. For adults, gardening chores such a potting plants may benefit from having some shelter too.
Many people enjoy having yard sales during the warm months. If you prefer not to have buyers inside your home or garage, the back yard is an ideal alternative. Shade for your merchandise and potential buyers makes it a more pleasant experience.
Having events such as weddings and other formal gatherings at home is becoming more and more popular. One can save the expense of renting a separate facility this way. A covering over the proceedings makes it more elegant and more comfortable.
While protection from sun and heat may be what is desired most of the time, a backyard canopy is helpful in other ways. When cover is available, a rain shower need not dampen the planned festivities. This allows you and your family more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors than even before.

Top Five Reasons To Use A Backyard Canopy:
  1.  Protects you and your guests from the harsh sun rays
  2. Gives a great way to entertain your friends 
  3. Protects you patio furniture
  4. Decorates your home at a low cost
  5. Great for food stations for parties 

If you are going to use a backyard canopy in public, you should make sure that the material is fire retardant and has the CPAI - 84 specification.