Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Importance Of Large Party Tents

Large party tents are ideal for individuals who would like to organize a get together or a ceremony outside. They come in various designs, colors and shapes. Some are enclosed while others are open. Regardless of the nature of the event that one may be planning to hold, there is a set of products that will meet their needs.
The enclosed designs are ideal for an event to be held in the evening. Additional Lighting can be added to make it convenient for people to see each other as well as enjoy the social gathering. They also provide a great way to for the host to keep the party private.
Organizers have a great pool of merchandise from which they can make their pick from. Whether one prefers the classic or the traditional look, there is something that they can work with. All these come in great designs and shapes to allow for a larger sitting in any one exhibition area.
Accompanying accessories are provided alongside the products. These are accessories that help in the setup of the exhibition area and in making sure that the marquee does not come down at any point. It is also a great way of reinforcing stability and ensuring the safety of all the people in attendance.
Selection should be based on activity being organized. The time that the said activity is to take place should also be considered. Taking such factors in to consideration is important for the event planner as they will know what to concentrate on. It also allows for proper planning in terms of seat allocation.
The large party tents can be used in weddings as well as in the reception. Car dealers who like to set up sales will also find them handy as they are able to show case their products with ease. These are products that offer quality and uniqueness all in one package.

Factors with party tents:

  1. Make sure foot pads and braces are used with party tents for windy conditions.
  2. If the tent will be in a public area, it it should carry the CPAI-84 specification fire retardant certificate.
  3. Depending on the sizes make sure the pole diameter on the from is a gage lower than 18.  The lower the gage, the thicker the metal wall is.
  4. Use waterproof bins to store your tent top cover to prevent wear and tear.
  5. Use every grommet to secure the top to the frame.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pop Up Tents For Any Occasion

Tents are not just for camping. A good rental pop up tent can be utilized at a swap meet, a trade show, flea market, bazaar, or other community event. They can protect your merchandise from the elements and create a homey (or boutique-y) air on the go.
Before getting started, it is essential to know what kind of tent you are looking for. Not all drapings are created equally. The proper canopy for the right event can keep you calm, cool, and dry, whereas the wrong tent can spell trouble.
A pop up tent canopy is an open-air covering that generally stands on a set of exposed poles. Perfect as carports, overhead hangings for specific items, and certain outdoor activities, the canopy is as barebones as you can get in the canvassing world. Canopies come in a number of sizes, ranging from a bed canopy (to keep out environmental factors in your room) to backyard canopies for weddings and other large events.
Pop-up tents, characterized by their peaked top, are another great option for protection. These strong, durable shelters are waterproof, rust resistant, and easy to assemble, even by yourself. Instant pop-up tents are a quick and effective way to guard your merchandise from sun, heat, rain, or cold.
Party tents are a bit more de rigueur in their set up. Often enclosed pop up tent shelters, party tents turn any outdoor location into a luxury accommodation in a matter of seconds. Party tents offer your guests the space the outdoors supplies in order to move around and be comfortable without risking the elements.
Each type of pop up tent comes with its own function and appropriate use. A canopy may be more ideal for small, very temporary set ups such as a flea market or yard sale. Pop up tents can work well for week-long events or somewhat permanent lean-tos. Party tents are fantastic for circuses, weddings, sweet 16s, or any event in which some additional space is needed. For all these, a great tent is the first line of protection against weather.

Things to consider when looking at pop up tent canopies:
  1. Make sure the tent has built in foot pads.  Some don't and they should.
  2. Keep the top on after it has been installed for the first time.  There is no need to take the top off after that.
  3. If you need to use the tant many times a month, make sure you get a heavy duty frame. If you are using the pop up tent for recreation at the beach and a seldom pic nic, choose a light duty frame to save money.
  4. When opening, pull the center of the frame, not the corners.