Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Uses Of A Custom Pop Up Tent

A custom pop up tent is the perfect product for many different contexts. They offer great protection from the elements and are easy to set up and manage. In addition, you can have them customized for your event, business or other similar purpose.
Most organizations use these types of tents for events. They are designed so that staff and/or other workers can have a place to base themselves. They are also used to keep their workers protected form the elements. This protection also extends to the materials being used by the workers. Depending on the event, these materials can be anything from papers and fliers if the tent is being used as a booth to electronic and computer equipment if it is being used as a DJ table or retail station.
The beauty behind these tents is that they are easy to set up and can be managed quite easily. They are not heavy and bulky requiring a painstaking set up process. That being said, they are sturdy and offer great protection from the elements. And they also are durable and thus will last through the years.
These tents are also able to be customized. This effectively makes your business or organization stand out during your event. No matter what you need your product to say or no matter what your logo, you can have it added to your tents how you want it. You can also choose the coloring, lettering and size of the final design and printing.
For your event, nothing will reflect you and your organization like a custom pop up tent. They work well for many groups in different events, from retail themed events to parades and even job fairs. Most custom pop up tents are easy to set up and offer great protection from the elements. And because you can customize them, they will reflect exactly what you need them to when you have them set up.

The main factors about custom pop-up tents:
  1. Custom pop-up tents are usually used by street vendors and companies that want to advertise their business.
  2. Most custom designs are printed via silk screening onto the pop-up tent top.
  3. Street vendors and flea market vendors are the top purchasers of custom pop up tents.
  4. Due to the high cost of custom designs, custom pop up tents should have a top cover of no less than 500 denier. This will assure long-term use and higher return on your investment.
  5. Most pop-up tent companies will offer a free design with the purchase of the pop-up tent order.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Benefits Of Buying Custom Canopy

In order to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions, many folks choose to buy canopies for their chairs. Though there are many canopy chairs in the market, but many people are not able to find suitable canopies matching their requirements. As a result, most of them opt for a custom canopy.
There are many benefits of having customized canopies. Firstly, you have the option to get the design, color and style as per your preferences. Though canopies come in wide range of styles and designs, but many people do not get a perfect match with respect to color, design, and style.
For instance, some people may like a particular design, but the color or the size may not be as per their specifications. Similarly, some canopies are larger in size, while others are pricey. Therefore, people often choose to have customized canopies for their chairs or other seating arrangement.
Custom made canopies are expensive, but they allow you to have the product matching your preferences. However, various considerations need attention while having a customized product. Do your homework in advance in order to get customized canopies of your choice. Have measurements beforehand; decide the style, design and color and formulate your budget. After you are done with this, proceed to buy canopies matching your preferences.
Search smartly offline as well as online. Make a list of manufacturers that offer customized canopies as per customer specifications. Read online reviews about these manufacturers to get a clear idea about the quality of their work. Narrow down your search to top two to three custom canopy tent manufacturers that have a good reputation among customers. Now compare their services, charges in order to make a final choice. Finally, settle with a manufacturer who offers a custom canopy matching your particular requirements well within the range of your budget.

Key points of custom canopies:
  1. Make sure you see 3 drafts of custom designs before you commit to the final product.
  2. Make sure the material has a high denier because the cost of the design is substantial and you will want it to last.
  3. It is essential for the canopy top material to be fire retardant. Most fire marshals will want a CPA I – 84 specified fire retardant top on a canopy that is being used outdoors and public.
  4. Getting a heavy duty frame is important. Most customers that buy custom canopies and pop-up tents, use the tent. Quite often so opening and closing the tent on an everyday basis requires a heavy duty frame.
  5. Get 3 quotes from other companies that offer pop-up tents and make sure you are going to a company that specializes in canopies and pop-up tents.