Friday, April 19, 2013

The Uses Of A Cabana Canopy

A cabana canopy is a unique type of outdoor canopy. These unique canopies are used to make tents and shades. Some cabana canopies are designed to serve one person while there are others that are larger that can serve several people. The outdoor activities that often require canopies consist of camping and fishing.
People who have a large compound can also set up these structures in their backyards and enjoy the sunlight and the breeze. However, when purchasing this structure it is important to keep in mind the kind of activities for which it will be used. The canopies are normally made with canvases.
In addition to the canvas, a person is also given some collapsible frames on which the canvas is mounted. These frames and canvases are easy to set up and deconstruct. They are also light and they can be carried even by small vehicles.
When buying these structures they are usually packed in bags which make it easier to store and port the canvases. This style of canopies is usually made with four sides. It looks alike to a small private room. These canopies are sold along with strong frames because in most cases they are set up for a number of days.
Good canopy frames are important because they attach the canvas to the ground firmly. One of the largest setbacks of canopies is being ripped off by strong winds. This being the case, it is good to set up the structure in a place that is not windy.
These structures are sold in a variety of places such as hardware stores and online stores. They are sold in different colors and these gives the buyer a chance to choose the one that correspond to the other materials. A cabana canopy is durable because even when the fabric gets torn it can be patched.
  1. The canopy should be lightweight in order to transport it to the beach or vacation spot.
  2. It helps to have the material be mesh so the wind does not not the canopy down.
  3. The canopy top should be UV treated in order to last longer from harsh sun rays.
  4. Most cabana canopies are not used for long-term use on an everyday basis, so a light duty frame can be an option in order to save money.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Relax By The Sea With A Beach Canopy

We all look forward to days next to the ocean with families and friends, but sometimes the sun is too strong, or the wind makes it a bit cooler. Using a beach canopy can make life a bit more comfortable for a fantastic time. However, there are several types to consider before placing your order.
Most of us look forward to our leisure time, and want to get away from home to relax at the shore with friends and family. Canopies come in a variety of styles and colors, as well as different sizes catering for a couple or larger family groups. Always give careful thought to the size you need, as these canopies are easily packed and take up little room.
Having some form of portable beach shelter is vital for a long day at the beach. Even the biggest sun lovers need a little shade sometimes from the heat and strength of the sun. These canopies also give ideal cover against breezes which can spoil the experience sometimes, cover for food and drinks and some privacy when you want to change outfits.
Although the beach canopy tents are meant for the shore, they can be used absolutely anywhere. They are great for giving some protection in the garden or even outdoor pop concerts and events, where a few hours in the sun can be too much for some people. When you try to choose the right canopies for you, think about the size, style and color. There are many different styles, so get the most suitable one for your future needs.
Using a beach canopy is a very easy process, as they can be put up in a minute or so. As well as being used for days by the ocean, they are also ideal for the back garden or for children to play in. Just remember to pack it in your car with everything for a perfect break.

Key Points about Beach Canopies and Shelters:
  1. Make sure the canopy stake are set in the sand deep to prvent the wind blowing it away.
  2. Wire beach tents are easier to transport than pole tents.
  3. If you are going to use the beach canopy a long time get rip stop nylon.
  4. A polyethylene beach tent will not last as long as nylon but will be cheaper.