Friday, July 21, 2017

Applications For Tarps In Summer

The simple tarp can be used for many applications.  Summertime is especially when you can't get creative for shade or other uses when it comes to this trusty plastic cover. One fine and you so way to use a poly tarp is to use it as a liner in the back of a pick up truck, fill the truck bed with water and you have a homemade Jacuzzi. Some people call these redneck hot tubs. Here are some tips on how to set up a pick up truck hot tub:

  1. One – 10' x 10' poly tarp heavy duty
  2. Make sure the tarp is snug to the bottom of the truck bed. 
  3. Fill the water only 3/4 of the way to the top to prevent over flying when people get in. 
  4. Make sure your truck has the capacity to hold the weight of the water in the truck bed. 
  5. Use at your own discretion and caution. 
It is essential to make sure you use a heavy duty waterproof poly tarp when it comes to filling the truck bed with water to make sure it doesn't leak. Most heavy duty tarps Will be able to handle a small truck bed of water. 

The tarps it should be a minimum of 1000 denier and 14 x 14 mesh count.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vendor Grade Pop Up Tents

Vendor grade canopy pop up tents are essential for vendors that use these tents every weekend.  Vendors that set up their pop up tents at fleamarket's, swap meet, farmers markets and weddings know the importance of a pop up tent with a heavy duty frame and a thick top.  Many times the novice vendor will buy a light duty pop up tent at Home Depot and find themselves with a broken tent after a few uses.  It's important to have a heavy duty tent frame and thick top that can stand the test of time, use and harsh elements.  For many vendors the clean aesthetics are important because this will be the first impression a buyer has about your business.  

Below are important key factors for pop up tents:

  1. A heavy duty frame that could be used every weekend for a long period of time. 
  2. A minimum of a 500 denier top to withstand harsh sun and rain. 
  3. Sandbags to keep the tent frame in place in the occurrence of heavy winds.
  4. A neutral white color top unless the theme of your company is a distinct color. White is all encompassing for many situations.

To test the strength of a pop up tent frame, many users will hold onto the roof frame… The frame is strong if it can hold somebody that is 150 pounds.  It is advised to take precaution when hanging from the tent so do not let your feet remove from the ground.  This test must be done at the users on discretion. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Commercial Grade Party Tents

Commercial grade party tents are an essential tool for catering companies, event coordinators, wedding planners and overall event organizers. The essential components for party tents are:

  1. Heavy duty galvanized steel frame. 
  2. Fire retardant tent top. 
  3. Footpads and canopy steaks for secure foundation. 
  4. A CPA I – 84 fire retardant specification. 
The above specifications are essential for party tents due to the requirements of using them in public.  Of heavy duty frame is essential for multiple uses on a daily weekly and monthly basis.  Most party 10 tops need to be fire retardant due to fire marshal regulations. Most events will take place in public and cover many people so liability is an issue and a fire retardant top is essential. Due to even the slightest of windy conditions making a canopy unstable it is important to make sure the foundation of the canopy is firmly set in the ground. Foot pads and canopy steaks can I sure a solid footing of the party tent.  ACPA I – 84 fire retardant specification will be essential to supply a fire marshal or satisfy insurance requirements when using large party tents in public. 


Most commercial grade party tent sizes range from 10' x 10' two 30' x 40'. Industrial size party tents can range up to 100' x 300' but will require building permits most likely. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Baseball Tarps Season Is Here

Baseball coaches and athletic directors are now searching for baseball tarps for the 2017 season.  These athletic covers need to be of the highest quality to withstand the rain as well as the pulling of the tarp onto the field.  Most coaches will look for the below standards in athletic field covers:

  1. High weave count.  This enables the tarp to be strong and still light weight.
  2. Seat belt grade handles.  These large tarp can be heavy so the hadles must be able to withstand pulling pressure.
  3. Industrial sewing.  Heavy duty handles are only as good as the stitching that attaches it to the tarp.  If the handle rips off the tarp material due to improper sewing, it does not matter how strong the handle is. 
The baseball tarps range in sizes from 100' x 100' to 170' x 170'.  The main purpase is to keep the infield dry.

   Handles range every 10' along the perimeter of the tarp. The tarp can be laid down with sand bags of canopy stakes.

Round tarps can also be used to cover the pitchers mound.
Most of the athletic covers are polyethylene due to it's strength and light wight.