Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Baseball Tarps Season Is Here

Baseball coaches and athletic directors are now searching for baseball tarps for the 2017 season.  These athletic covers need to be of the highest quality to withstand the rain as well as the pulling of the tarp onto the field.  Most coaches will look for the below standards in athletic field covers:

  1. High weave count.  This enables the tarp to be strong and still light weight.
  2. Seat belt grade handles.  These large tarp can be heavy so the hadles must be able to withstand pulling pressure.
  3. Industrial sewing.  Heavy duty handles are only as good as the stitching that attaches it to the tarp.  If the handle rips off the tarp material due to improper sewing, it does not matter how strong the handle is. 
The baseball tarps range in sizes from 100' x 100' to 170' x 170'.  The main purpase is to keep the infield dry.

   Handles range every 10' along the perimeter of the tarp. The tarp can be laid down with sand bags of canopy stakes.

Round tarps can also be used to cover the pitchers mound.
Most of the athletic covers are polyethylene due to it's strength and light wight.

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