Friday, December 27, 2013

How Pop Up Canopies Make Business Simpler

Pop up canopies serve almost any situation in a helpful way. Party planners use them as a regular part of various functions. In community projects and festivals, they are great for vendors to set up displays that feature service information brochures.
They work like offices, each set up as a booth in which customers can go to gain information. At job fairs, companies use them to separate themselves from the company sitting just a few feet away. They work well for garden parties, at family reunions, or on the beach. Gather a few in the back of a camper for instant shade and shelter while hanging at a campground.
One of the most useful things to have at a flea market is a canopy. It sets sellers apart from the buyers, creating a makeshift storefront. Each canopy represents a different section. Buy them custom or decorate each with a temporary sign or standing sign on the outside for effective advertising.
They are not heavy and unwieldy as to be difficult for travel and require very little set-up time. Instead of connecting pieces, these open up and one secures them to their temporary location. During job fairs, use a pop up canopy that can fit a table and chairs on both sides. This gives one an opportunity to sit down and speak with possible candidates about the company and its openings. This is a more personal touch over just handing out fliers.
During a wedding reception that features a variety of foods, caterers may use the different tents to house treats. One canopy might have a custom sundae bar, while another one holds a portable bar and smoothie section. This provides something for adults and children attending the function. On sunny days, pop up canopies provide space for friends and family to come back to after walking the beach or swimming. Rather than searching for a space to sit, canopies readily identify which section everyone meets under.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pop Up Tent Canopies For All Occasions

Pop up tent canopies are not just for setting up at a camp site. As a matter of fact, they are possibly least used in camp site settings. They have all sorts of useful applications and are a wonderful addition to any group gathering, such as a festival, convention, or party. Plus, they are lightweight enough to travel anywhere, with some easily fitting in economy sized vehicles.
During a family gathering, especially in warm weather, many people set these up as shade. This is especially important for the elderly and the very young. Set a couple of seats underneath each tent at a park or a beach gathering. Just anchor them to the ground and enjoy the festivities among family and friends.
Another great option for its use is picnics or barbecues. The pop up tent canopies protect food and drinks. Rather than have food exposed to outside elements, keep them surrounded by an enclosed version so that leaves and other items do not land on serving dishes. The server also has a place in which they can sit as guests come up for food.
In homes where one wants to enjoy their backyard, but no shade trees or attached canopy exists, pop up tents offer the perfect escape. One can lounge about reading a book or just relax in the warmth of the sun while shielded from the direct rays. They are great for when guests visit during cocktail hour and want to enjoy nature.
Many carnivals and flea markets take advantage of tents to display bazaar items. Set them up for selling jewelry or offering palm readings. This option is much more inviting than selling in the open air. Once it is time to move on, they pack up easier than almost anything else. Vendors appear more put professional when their product is set underneath pop up tent canopies.

Key factors about pop-up tent, canopies:

  1. If you are using your pop-up tent in public make sure that the tent material is CPA I – 84 specified for fire retardant restrictions.
  2. If the tent is going to be used a lot for swap meets or flea markets make sure that the frame is commercial grade because I light duty frame will break after setting up and breaking down with much use.
  3. Most pop up tents come with a carry bag with built-in wheels. This enables you to transport the pop-up tent easily.
  4. A standard option with pop-up tents are built in footpads.  Make sure that footpads are built-in to the bottom of each pop-up tent leg.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Benefits Of Using A Pet Canopy

Many animal lovers are recognizing the benefits of using a pet canopy to help shade their furry friends from the outdoor elements. These covers are invaluable products, made of durable materials that have been created to minimize the risk of damage to them by the weather.
While these are great for all users, they are especially helpful in areas where there is little or no tress. Many owners often think of these products for their companion in rainy, wet weather, when in fact, they can also be great to offer shade in warm weather.
Those who love to travel with their companion are also finding these unique products very simple to pack up and take on vacation. Because they are made with lightweight materials that are very easy to transport from place to place and truly simple to set up not only, is your companion going to have a sheltered place to rest but, they can rest more comfortably in an unfamiliar vacation spot with a familiar piece of home.
While they are fabulous items to use outdoors in the elements or on a vacation, they can also be enjoyed inside for many users. Toys, blankets, and pillows can be added from your collection giving your furry friend, his or her own private oasis to slip off to when it is time for a rest. No worries, these great products can tuck into a corner, or other space in your home or apartment and blend in easily.
These wonderful products have a price range that can comfortably accommodate those seeking the benefits of this great product, without overspending. With a variety of colors, shapes and sizes intended to accommodate many different breeds of animals, you are sure to find a pet canopy that fits your favorite animal and your own needs just right.

Key factors for pet canopy tents:

  1. It is very important to make sure that the pet canopy has plenty of ventilation to prevent overheating and better breathing.
  2. If the pet canopy is being used as a dog carrier tent. It is essential to make sure that the handle is heavy-duty and can withstand the weight of the animal.
  3. Having a waterproof exterior for the pet canopy will help keep the animal drive, and is a major consideration.
  4. One nice option to have with pet canopies make sure the material is classified TA I – 84 specified. This will prevent the material from burning continuously and protect your pet.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Versatile Garden Canopies For Your Home

Garden canopies are easy-to-assemble, lightweight structures which can be used in your yard for a variety of purposes. They can either be fixed or temporary, depending on the usage. Usually ranging in size between 10 by 10 feet and 20 by 20 feet, they can be purchased in a variety of shapes and colors. The purchase of this versatile item will have you wondering why you never tried one before. The applications are endless - the structures can be used for:
The main usage of these canopies is to provide shade from the sun's rays. Comfortable tables and chairs can be set up beneath the tent to provide a relaxing area for socializing and meals. Food that is set up under this structure will stay fresher longer if the heat of the sun is diverted. Plants can gain some respite from the heat during peak summer hours if temporarily shaded under these canvasses.
Protection From Bad Weather
The sky might be overcast and the smell of rain in the air but that doesn't mean that you have to cancel your backyard plans. These structures are weather resistant and perfect for back-up shelter. Many garden canopies can be purchased with drop-down or removable canvas sides which can also cut down on the amount of wind that goes through the structure.
A Focal Point
If you are having a yard sale, use a small garden canopy tent for a highly visible cashier's station. The same tent may house a face painter and magician during a child's birthday party. For adult purposes, a temporary bar can be set up under the tent on a special occasion. A white or ivory draped tent can be the shelter over a bride, groom and officiator during a formal lawn wedding. Fill the inside with a variety of toys and it can become a designated play area.
Escape from flying insects
Small children and the elderly will benefit from those structures with netting sides to protect them
from mosquitoes, bees and other harmful bugs. Insect-repelling equipment and supplies hung from the inside ceiling brackets of the tent can provide further protection.
A Temporary Patio Cover
Funds may not be on hand for a cover for your deck or patio so these structures can provide a temporary solution. Seating areas and plants under this canvas cover can make an extra living area for you and your family.
Garden gazebo canopies have many uses and it may not be until you actually own once that some of these become apparent. The next time you require extra shelter for your personal or party usage, think about how much you would use your own personal and portable tent structure.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Benefits Of Outdoor Canopies

Whether you are planning a party or just want to have the simple pleasure of sitting outside and enjoying the weather while being sheltered from the weather, outdoor canopies may be just what you need to enjoy a perfect day in the sun or escape unexpected damp weather. These great products can be used all summer long and then simply be tucked away when they are no longer needed.
These great tools come in a variety of sizes, allowing them to accommodated yard sizes both large and small. The outdoor canopies are made of heavy-grade, rust resistant materials that are made to withstand the elements of mother nature so there is little need to worry about them being left out throughout the summer.
Considering how you plan on using your canopy will help you to determine what type is best suited to you. For example, if you are planning to put a canopy up just to accommodate a party, you are less likely to need a material that is as strong as someone who is planning to leave the canopy outside for an extended period of time, so do keep this in mind as you consider what you need.
The cost of outdoor canopies vary depending on a number of factors including what type of material you need as well as the size needs. Tents can also be made to your specific specifications when requested so, you can request a size that is more unusual than your average tent.
There are also a number of different canopy top colors and designs available to please all tastes. Outdoor canopies, is a quick, simple, cost-effective way to make any gathering more pleasurable. Whether it is intended for just a couple of people or quite a few, the popularity of these fabulous products is growing everyday.

Things to remember about outdoor canopies:
  1. If you are in a windy area make sure there are footpads on the legs of the canopy
  2. For best sun protection, make sure the polyethylene material is UV treated
  3. If the canopy footpads are going to be put on dirt you will need canopy stakes – the loose of the dirt. The longer the canopy steak should be hard dirt can get away with only using 10 inch canopy stakes.
  4. Ever outdoor canopy is being used for a party or outdoor event is important to make sure that your material is CPA I – 84 specified, this is California's highest standard of fire retardant and will comply with most of the US.
  5. If you are a swap meet vendor or sell products at a flea market, it is wise to use a instant canopy for easy setup and breakdown

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Benefits Of Using Shade Sails

Shade sails are the ideal option for those people who like to spend time outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze. They offer protection against harmful UV rays that affects skin. Normal sun umbrellas do not offer protection as these do since they are designed using a top of the art technology which bars ultraviolet rays from penetrating.
They have multiple uses and are indeed versatile. They can cover a very large outdoor area, offering protection to many people at the same time. Steel columns or posts made of wood can support the structure. They are flexible allowing the person to easily handle and relocate them whenever they feel appropriate.
Exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays expose persons to cancerous infections, some of which are life threatening. However, these structures block these rays from penetrating. Their functionality qualities are vast since they can also shield users from rain. This is because the materials used in their construction are waterproof.
The mesh shade sails also come in handy at the swimming pool and relaxation parks. The shade they offer is extremely cool and fantastic to chill out in. The installation process is especially easy and can be done by almost anyone within the shortest period. The availability of many shapes to choose from makes it a perfect experience to work with.
Various brands offer users a variety of choices for users to experience with. The different colors available enable users to have freedom of choice in getting the blend that best adapt to their situation. The price tag is not that much and can be matched by anybody. Maintenance works is simple provided the user stores it well if not in use.
Shade sails are the perfect remedy to making sure that while relaxing out in the sun, people do not get affected by harmful rays. Since they come in many price bundles, they are affordable to anyone. Using these items is surely beneficial to users.
 The key points about shade sails:
  1. In order for the mesh shade canopy sales to be effective, they should be a minimum of 70% shade.
  2. Shade sail covers should be tightly woven polyethylene threading with a thick thread shaft.
  3. It is customary for shade sail covers to have grommets only on the corners where the attachments are but sometimes grommets can be around the entire perimeter every 2 feet.
  4. When attaching shade sails. It is important to remember that the support posts should be cemented into the ground to prevent collapsing if heavy winds occur.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Plan A Special Event Using Circus Party Tents

Organizing a celebration at home is always a daunting prospect. Any organizer wants to make sure the child has a fantastic time with its friends. Buying circus party tents is the ideal solution to any event, and something that can be used many times in the future, or for different types of functions.
With so many households across the country trying to save money, entertaining at home can be a perfect solution. Using a tent at home or another family members backyard, will make parties personal and memorable. As well as providing the perfect surroundings, a good tent will also give good protection against bad weather and the sun.
Before you go ahead and buy anything, check the dimensions carefully to make sure it fits into the space you have. Always remember to leave plenty of space around the tent. Check the details carefully to make sure that the setup is easy, that the fabric offers UV protection and is fire retardant for safety.
As well as using this type of party tent for a child, they also have many other uses. Adults may choose to use them for fancy dress parties, by decorating the tent itself and surroundings for many other types of themes. It is always a good idea to get the best size and quality you can afford, so that this is used for other occasions in the future.
Buying circus party tents has never been easier with such fantastic retailers on the Internet. Consumers now have a wide choice of designs and sizes that can be accommodated at most homes. Having a special event at home is always going to be a much cheaper option than hiring premises, as well as separate caterers and entertainers. We all want our child's party to be special and enjoyable, so doing something personal in home surroundings can be highly successful as well as much cheaper on the wallet.

Key points about circus party tents:
  1. Many people who use party tents want Windows on the sidewalls – these cost a bit more than the average sidewalls.
  2. It is important to make sure that your circus party tent is classified as a CPA I – 84 specified fire retardant tent. Most party tents are used in a public setting, and this will be mandatory in most cities.
  3. If your circus tent is going to be larger than 20' x 40' is important to make sure that the poll diameter is 2 inches or more, this assures that stability will be intact for the larger structures.
  4. If there are going to be slight winds during the event. It is important to make sure that your party tent has footpads with canopy stakes to secure the tent to the ground.
  5. Make sure your fire retardant certificate is a CPA I – 84. Keep the certificate on you at the event to make sure it is readily available to be presented to the fire marshal if need be.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Uses Of A Custom Pop Up Tent

A custom pop up tent is the perfect product for many different contexts. They offer great protection from the elements and are easy to set up and manage. In addition, you can have them customized for your event, business or other similar purpose.
Most organizations use these types of tents for events. They are designed so that staff and/or other workers can have a place to base themselves. They are also used to keep their workers protected form the elements. This protection also extends to the materials being used by the workers. Depending on the event, these materials can be anything from papers and fliers if the tent is being used as a booth to electronic and computer equipment if it is being used as a DJ table or retail station.
The beauty behind these tents is that they are easy to set up and can be managed quite easily. They are not heavy and bulky requiring a painstaking set up process. That being said, they are sturdy and offer great protection from the elements. And they also are durable and thus will last through the years.
These tents are also able to be customized. This effectively makes your business or organization stand out during your event. No matter what you need your product to say or no matter what your logo, you can have it added to your tents how you want it. You can also choose the coloring, lettering and size of the final design and printing.
For your event, nothing will reflect you and your organization like a custom pop up tent. They work well for many groups in different events, from retail themed events to parades and even job fairs. Most custom pop up tents are easy to set up and offer great protection from the elements. And because you can customize them, they will reflect exactly what you need them to when you have them set up.

The main factors about custom pop-up tents:
  1. Custom pop-up tents are usually used by street vendors and companies that want to advertise their business.
  2. Most custom designs are printed via silk screening onto the pop-up tent top.
  3. Street vendors and flea market vendors are the top purchasers of custom pop up tents.
  4. Due to the high cost of custom designs, custom pop up tents should have a top cover of no less than 500 denier. This will assure long-term use and higher return on your investment.
  5. Most pop-up tent companies will offer a free design with the purchase of the pop-up tent order.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Benefits Of Buying Custom Canopy

In order to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions, many folks choose to buy canopies for their chairs. Though there are many canopy chairs in the market, but many people are not able to find suitable canopies matching their requirements. As a result, most of them opt for a custom canopy.
There are many benefits of having customized canopies. Firstly, you have the option to get the design, color and style as per your preferences. Though canopies come in wide range of styles and designs, but many people do not get a perfect match with respect to color, design, and style.
For instance, some people may like a particular design, but the color or the size may not be as per their specifications. Similarly, some canopies are larger in size, while others are pricey. Therefore, people often choose to have customized canopies for their chairs or other seating arrangement.
Custom made canopies are expensive, but they allow you to have the product matching your preferences. However, various considerations need attention while having a customized product. Do your homework in advance in order to get customized canopies of your choice. Have measurements beforehand; decide the style, design and color and formulate your budget. After you are done with this, proceed to buy canopies matching your preferences.
Search smartly offline as well as online. Make a list of manufacturers that offer customized canopies as per customer specifications. Read online reviews about these manufacturers to get a clear idea about the quality of their work. Narrow down your search to top two to three custom canopy tent manufacturers that have a good reputation among customers. Now compare their services, charges in order to make a final choice. Finally, settle with a manufacturer who offers a custom canopy matching your particular requirements well within the range of your budget.

Key points of custom canopies:
  1. Make sure you see 3 drafts of custom designs before you commit to the final product.
  2. Make sure the material has a high denier because the cost of the design is substantial and you will want it to last.
  3. It is essential for the canopy top material to be fire retardant. Most fire marshals will want a CPA I – 84 specified fire retardant top on a canopy that is being used outdoors and public.
  4. Getting a heavy duty frame is important. Most customers that buy custom canopies and pop-up tents, use the tent. Quite often so opening and closing the tent on an everyday basis requires a heavy duty frame.
  5. Get 3 quotes from other companies that offer pop-up tents and make sure you are going to a company that specializes in canopies and pop-up tents.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Importance Of Purchasing A Party Shade Canopy Tent

Many are the times when people cannot enjoy the outdoor environments because of adverse factors. Such could be rain or simply unbearable heat. In such instances, the best thing to have is a party shade canopy tent. This structure assists individuals in providing shading and shelter from such conditions. This is mainly used for outdoor activities such as parties, celebrations of some sort and so much more.
The good thing about owning one is that it can have variety of uses as well. Such include provision of protection for the outdoor assets against adverse weather conditions that could be destructive. They could be installed in the patio, garden or anywhere else as a covers, shades, shelters among other uses.
The flexibility of using party tents has made life bearable in different conditions. One could permanently install it or simply fold it whenever they do not use it. These also come in different sizes and shapes; one could choose that which meet their needs. For easy installation, one would require a tape measure, beams, and a screwdriver among other simple tools.
It can be quite frustrating when people organize an event then weather factors come in the way. In most instances, everything would be ruined. However, the party tents assist in saving people from such frustrations by simply using them to provide cover.
Thus, to make sure that events go smooth all the way, it is best to purchase such canopies beforehand. They come in different materials at competitive prices. As such, one would never have to worry about having to replace one every other time since they are durable.
The party shade canopy tent is a popular item for many event organizers currently. It is necessary to have it whether it is a sunny weather or drizzling conditions. Purchasing one is a great asset to have in homes.

Key Points About Party Shade Tents:

  1. Party tents can, in the vinyl, polyethylene or poly oxford material
  2. Most party tents are used at outdoor events, so it's important to make sure that the material is CPA I – 84 specified for fire retardant
  3. A big misconception is painted poles will protect better than non-painted poles, but the fact is unpainted galvanized steel poles will do better with rust.
  4. If the tent will be set up in a windy area canopy foot pads are essential to secure the party tent to the ground.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Star Shade Canopy For Every Occasion

You do not have to celebrate special events in fancy restaurants or expensive hotels. Especially with the increasing prices and reducing incomes, spending your money wisely becomes important if you do not want to undergo a financial strain. Therefore, an excellent way to celebrate occasions is in your home's exterior under a star shade canopy.
One of the commonest and widely used options is awnings for weddings. Several couples choose to be married on the beach, garden, and other outdoor locations. Therefore, these types of canopies are appropriate because they are less expensive while being easy to assemble with sufficient room for the guests.
Birthdays are other common occasions that are held in the outdoors. Children would definitely enjoy the party more when they have enough room to run around and chase each other, which makes these options very popular. Moreover, these awnings are available in different types, which make it easier to find something that matches the overall party theme.
Almost every Catholic welcomes his or her baby by holding a baptism ceremony. The outdoor awnings are an excellent option and these can be easily placed under the trees or other location within your garden. In addition, you will have much more space in the open that allows you to invite more number of people than you can when you conduct the ceremony within your home.
Most companies celebrate different occasions, such as Christmas and New Year. Such parties can be celebrated in the outdoors, which provides more opportunity for the employees to mingle around with their bosses. These canopies can be used to host such events on the beach, park, or any other outdoor location.
Star shade canopy is one of the best methods to celebrate occasions in the exteriors and make them more special. These are available in several shapes, sizes, and designs, which ensure you, can find one to match your needs. Moreover, contrary to common perception these can be found at reasonable prices making these an affordable option.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Uses Of A Cabana Canopy

A cabana canopy is a unique type of outdoor canopy. These unique canopies are used to make tents and shades. Some cabana canopies are designed to serve one person while there are others that are larger that can serve several people. The outdoor activities that often require canopies consist of camping and fishing.
People who have a large compound can also set up these structures in their backyards and enjoy the sunlight and the breeze. However, when purchasing this structure it is important to keep in mind the kind of activities for which it will be used. The canopies are normally made with canvases.
In addition to the canvas, a person is also given some collapsible frames on which the canvas is mounted. These frames and canvases are easy to set up and deconstruct. They are also light and they can be carried even by small vehicles.
When buying these structures they are usually packed in bags which make it easier to store and port the canvases. This style of canopies is usually made with four sides. It looks alike to a small private room. These canopies are sold along with strong frames because in most cases they are set up for a number of days.
Good canopy frames are important because they attach the canvas to the ground firmly. One of the largest setbacks of canopies is being ripped off by strong winds. This being the case, it is good to set up the structure in a place that is not windy.
These structures are sold in a variety of places such as hardware stores and online stores. They are sold in different colors and these gives the buyer a chance to choose the one that correspond to the other materials. A cabana canopy is durable because even when the fabric gets torn it can be patched.
  1. The canopy should be lightweight in order to transport it to the beach or vacation spot.
  2. It helps to have the material be mesh so the wind does not not the canopy down.
  3. The canopy top should be UV treated in order to last longer from harsh sun rays.
  4. Most cabana canopies are not used for long-term use on an everyday basis, so a light duty frame can be an option in order to save money.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Relax By The Sea With A Beach Canopy

We all look forward to days next to the ocean with families and friends, but sometimes the sun is too strong, or the wind makes it a bit cooler. Using a beach canopy can make life a bit more comfortable for a fantastic time. However, there are several types to consider before placing your order.
Most of us look forward to our leisure time, and want to get away from home to relax at the shore with friends and family. Canopies come in a variety of styles and colors, as well as different sizes catering for a couple or larger family groups. Always give careful thought to the size you need, as these canopies are easily packed and take up little room.
Having some form of portable beach shelter is vital for a long day at the beach. Even the biggest sun lovers need a little shade sometimes from the heat and strength of the sun. These canopies also give ideal cover against breezes which can spoil the experience sometimes, cover for food and drinks and some privacy when you want to change outfits.
Although the beach canopy tents are meant for the shore, they can be used absolutely anywhere. They are great for giving some protection in the garden or even outdoor pop concerts and events, where a few hours in the sun can be too much for some people. When you try to choose the right canopies for you, think about the size, style and color. There are many different styles, so get the most suitable one for your future needs.
Using a beach canopy is a very easy process, as they can be put up in a minute or so. As well as being used for days by the ocean, they are also ideal for the back garden or for children to play in. Just remember to pack it in your car with everything for a perfect break.

Key Points about Beach Canopies and Shelters:
  1. Make sure the canopy stake are set in the sand deep to prvent the wind blowing it away.
  2. Wire beach tents are easier to transport than pole tents.
  3. If you are going to use the beach canopy a long time get rip stop nylon.
  4. A polyethylene beach tent will not last as long as nylon but will be cheaper.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Various Uses Of A Gazebo Canopies

A gazebo canopy is a special unit that is used to accommodate people during functions. These canopies are used to shelter guests during occasions such as wedding parties and birthday parties. Gazebos canopies are made using various materials and in different sizes.
Some people also use this structure to improve the appearance of their backyards. Some of the outdoor activities that can be done from gazebos include enjoying fresh air especially when camping or beach recreation. Another area in which these structures are used is in the trade fairs and exhibition. Some marketers use canopies of this nature to shelter them and their items that they are selling or displaying. These canopies are designed in different styles.
The best style is the pop up canopies. These canopies are good because they are constructed using a simple design and they are easy to construct and deconstruct. These canopies are so simple to the extent that they can be set up by one person.
However, most people have a misconception about these pop up canopies and they insinuate that be cause it is simple to construct, it is also fragile. The gazebo canopies have some reinforcements that help to firmly attach the structure to the ground. One factor that a person should consider is climatic conditions of the area in which it will be used.
A number of materials that are used to make these shelters are not suitable for certain climatic conditions. The material used also determines the durability of the structure. However, there are many shops that sell this product and they often offer advice on the which material is suitable.
The cost of this material differs depending on the size of the gazebo canopy. The other factor that may be used to determine the price is the style and design of the structure. These structures are very useful and it is good to have one.

Key points of gazebo canopies:
  1. If the gazebo canopy is a pop-up tent type is advisable to put it away during windy conditions.
  2. If the gazebo canopy is fixated and has a canopy time take it off during windy conditions.
  3. Gazebo canopies are always cheaper during the winter months. You can find some good deals while demand is low.
  4. If you are using a gazebo canopy is going to be used in a public area make sure that it is a fire retardant CPA I – 84 specified canopy which will be approved by a local fire marshal.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Select Beach Canopies For The Spring of 2013

The warm weather is coming, and spring of 2013 is a great opportunity to shop for a canopy tent to entertain or have good sun protection.  Beach canopies come in handy for people who like to spend some time by the coastline. The beach canopy tents offer a great way for individuals to relax and watch the activities taking place around them without having to worry about sunburns. The fact that they are able to accommodate many people at a time is also convenient for families who like to spend time together.
Selection should be influenced by the number of people to use it. Smaller ones can only accommodate two to three adults. For a family, they may require to choose one that is bigger. It will offer them protection from the sun, without having to worry about missing out on the fun.
Decisions will also be determined by what one wants to see. There are canopy designs that are completely open allowing for a great view in all directions. They are also large enough to accommodate some coastline chairs where one can rest under its cover.
All beach canopies should have instructions are provided in the box. These are instructions that make it easy to set it up even for the first time user. All instructions are straight forward and provide a step by step guide on how to proceed from one step to the next.
The beach canopy accessories and parts are also made available. In the guide, parts are explained in detail on how they should be used for stability to be achieved. Stability is a must in order to avoid having to set it up all over again every time there is a strong wind.
Beach canopies are the ultimate way for families and friends to enjoy their time at the sea line. They are easy to put up and also transport from the house to the coast. A warranty is offered for each product that is purchased. This means that the buyer can rest assured that they have bought a product that is durable and reliable.

Key points for beach canopies:

  1. Make sure your beach canopy is light weight because there is nothing worse than that long walk from the car down to the water.
  2. Have canopy stakes to stake your canopy to the sand and protect it from high winds.
  3. Get a carry bag. This makes transporting the canopy so much easier and will pay for itself with convenience.
  4. If are going to be using your beach canopy every day make sure that the denier of the material is sick and that it is also the UV treated.
  5. Most beach canopies can be bought at an expensive price. Do not spend too much money on a beach canopy as they are usually only used in spring and summer and will stay in her closet throughout winter.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Benefits Offered By Industrial Canopies

Industrial canopies are ideal for large construction sites, farms and companies that require different types of equipment in order to carry out their activities. These will make sure that the equipment is not damaged in any way as a result of being left out in the open. All the gear is well protected making sure that it lasts for a long duration of time.
The three car workshop is one of the canopies available. It is made from quality products like galvanized steel and comes in a standard size. The assembly can be done in a matter of hours after which it can be used for storage, protection as well as a working area.
The commercial shed carport is mainly used in storage of agricultural products and equipment. They are large enough to accommodate several automobiles with ease. Given that it is very durable, it can also be relied upon for use as a working site from where operations can be supervised from.
For businesses involved in sand and construction related activities, the commercial dome canopy truss port shelter would be the ideal product. It is a product that is easy to assemble on site and carries some remarkable features. It offers protection from the UV rays and protection from fires through the material used in its manufacture.
The industrial canopies are the best selection for firms that have trucks and other types of vehicles. Leaving the automobiles uncovered may expose them to very many things which may damage them. To avoid this, firms can purchase a cover that will have all the vehicles protected in a stable shelter.
The arrangement of the industrial canopies is very important. Proper set up ensures that the items stored do not get damaged even under extreme weather conditions. Care should be taken to make sure that each and every piece is placed where it should be.

Some facts about industrial canopies:

  •  The denier, thickness and quality must be a much higher quality able to withstand weather that is more volatile than the standard canopies can.
  • The tents structure must consist of galvanized steel to protect it against rust. These canopies are usually used for a long-term basis and thus must be impervious over the long haul.
  •  Foot plates are essential for securing the canopy into the ground.  The canopy will not be stable over a long period of time without the proper ground footings.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Information On Star Shade Canopies

Star shade canopies are elegant star shaped tents that are ideal for almost any outdoor event. They can be used for a wedding reception, family gatherings in the back yards, elegant luncheons or just about any event you can think of. Find out more about them below and see why you should get one for your event.
The colors and designs on these star shade tents vary based on your preference. They can be elegant white for a wedding or even camouflage green for a fun family sports day and barbecue in the backyard. Just about any style or color you want is available, all you have to do is request it.
The sizes of these tents normally vary from eight to sixteen meters and can provide up to 800 square feet of shade. They are convenient, do not take up a lot of space and always look elegant, no matter what color or designs you choose. Most of all, they provide shade for your event, without your guests being bothered by the multiple beams used to hold up a regular tent.
While these tents are most ideal for spring, summer and early autumn events, they may also be used in colder climate with the right adjustments. In fact, they are often preferred by many people who love the massive covering they provide while taking up as little space as possible. They also love the shape and the easy access in and out of the tent.
These tent canopies are easy to assemble, in fact, they only require a few minutes and a couple of strong hands to set them up. They are also easy to disassemble and compact, you easily can fit one of these tents in the trunk of a car when disassembled.
Consider buying or renting star shade canopies for your next outdoor event. Even if the space is small, this tent will not clutter it, instead, it will give the space a more sophisticated feel that your guests will love. Choose the right size and color for your event and you definitely cannot go wrong.

Important specs about star shade canopies:
  1. Star shade canopies use whole tension supports at the center and canopy stakes on the ground.
  2. It is not advisable a star shaped canopy in extreme weather.
  3. Most star shade canopies ship via trucking company due to the long pole requirement.
  4. Start shade canopies tend to be more expensive than regular party tents due to lesser demand.

Monday, January 21, 2013

What To Know About Outdoor Party Tents

If you have decided to plan an outdoor event or celebration in your garden or elsewhere, outdoor party tents are always a first choice in preparation. Enjoying yourself does not go hand in hand with a shelter, but it can save you quite a lot of hassle. The weather is always unpredictable, and can leave you battered and bruised if you are not properly protected.
There is a great range of different options that you have the luxury to choose from. This choice will be ultimately determined by your specific needs and the type of event you are hosting. Be sure to think about what it is that you are looking for and why.
One of the main questions in this instance is the type of support needed. Each party tent shelter will be designed in a certain, highly specific way. This plays a big part in the tent that you end up choosing. This is actually quite a complex decision and takes more time that you might think at first.
Possibly the most simple option would be to go for a frame tent. This happens to be a common choice on account of its easy setup. The bad news is that it only comes in small. This means that the tent frame structures are aimed at very specific hosts.
If you are expecting flexibility in terms of the amount of space the outdoor party tent allows for, have a look at pole-structured models. This type of tent will come in many different sizes for any occasion. The downside to this tent is that it will normally consist of a large pole in the middle of the partying space.
This massive variety now available when looking at outdoor party tents is highly useful, and very specifically designed. Each model is cleverly developed with the host's desires as a priority. You will find a range of pros and cons that will help you settle with the best choice for you.

Key factors about outdoor party tents:
1) Make sure you have canopy footpads and tent stakes if the party tent is going to be in a windy area.

2) If the party tent will be used in a public setting, it is important to use a tent that is certified CPA I – 84. The certification will be required by most fire marshals in the United States.

3) If the party tent is larger than a 15 x 15' deep hole diameter should be at least 1 5/8. A poll gauge of 10 should also be required.

4) The best time to find deals on outdoor party tents is January and February. Outdoor party tents cost more in the summer time due to high demand.

5) if there are heavy rains and winds, the party tent should be taken down. A party tent is no match for mother nature.

Some other factors:
  • Pole size
  • Thickness of cover
  • FR rated
  • Gage of pole

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pop Up Tents Are Convenient And Innovative

Many people simply love camping but find setting up their campsite to be too time consuming and labor intensive. Some canvas shelters, especially older models, are heavy and require several people to set it up. People want to arrive at their destination and start enjoying their break straight away. No wonder then that pop up tents have become so popular.
These shelters are relatively recent arrival on the scene. The shelter features very flexible hoops that immediately spring into shape when the pack is opened. In fact, it generally requires less than five seconds. When it is time to go, the shelter is quickly and easily packed down in a tight disk shaped package, ready for the next use.
The main advantage of these shelters is self evident. The instant pop up tents are very quick to set up. They have other distinct advantages too, however. Most pop up tents are generally lightweight and they can be transported in just about any mode of transport. They are available in many sizes and shapes. Some models can sleep as many as six adults.
There are some drawbacks, though. In most cases, the coverings are single skinned and they are not very good at keeping out severe weather. They are not suitable in windy conditions either and they should not be expected to last for very long. In most cases they are marketed for use by young people or by people that require a shelter for one season only.
There are several online suppliers that can deliver a wide variety of models. Many offer free shipping under certain conditions. Care should be taken to deal with reputable suppliers only and consumers should make sure that the product that they order is covered by a valid warranty. It is always worth it to scan consumer feedback sites before dealing with an online supplier.
Pop up tents have their disadvantages but they are perfect for people that do not want to spend any time in setting up their site. Because the pop up tents are so light they can be used just about anywhere. Pop up tents should not be confused with domed or inflatable shelters.  What makes a pop-up tent is the frame's ability to instantly open. The inflatable instant canopy type tends are a different type of mechanism.

Below are some key points about pop-up tents:

  1. Most pop-up tents are operated with a pushpin adjustable leg.
  2. The top of a pop-up tent is installed a can remain on the frame indefinitely.
  3. Most pop-up tents should have built-in footpads into the lake to enable a secure fitting to the ground.
  4. Pop-up tents should not be used for permanent use.
  5. Flea market vendors looking for pop-up tents should choose heavy-duty frames due to the high use of installation and breakdown.