Monday, October 14, 2013

Pop Up Tent Canopies For All Occasions

Pop up tent canopies are not just for setting up at a camp site. As a matter of fact, they are possibly least used in camp site settings. They have all sorts of useful applications and are a wonderful addition to any group gathering, such as a festival, convention, or party. Plus, they are lightweight enough to travel anywhere, with some easily fitting in economy sized vehicles.
During a family gathering, especially in warm weather, many people set these up as shade. This is especially important for the elderly and the very young. Set a couple of seats underneath each tent at a park or a beach gathering. Just anchor them to the ground and enjoy the festivities among family and friends.
Another great option for its use is picnics or barbecues. The pop up tent canopies protect food and drinks. Rather than have food exposed to outside elements, keep them surrounded by an enclosed version so that leaves and other items do not land on serving dishes. The server also has a place in which they can sit as guests come up for food.
In homes where one wants to enjoy their backyard, but no shade trees or attached canopy exists, pop up tents offer the perfect escape. One can lounge about reading a book or just relax in the warmth of the sun while shielded from the direct rays. They are great for when guests visit during cocktail hour and want to enjoy nature.
Many carnivals and flea markets take advantage of tents to display bazaar items. Set them up for selling jewelry or offering palm readings. This option is much more inviting than selling in the open air. Once it is time to move on, they pack up easier than almost anything else. Vendors appear more put professional when their product is set underneath pop up tent canopies.

Key factors about pop-up tent, canopies:

  1. If you are using your pop-up tent in public make sure that the tent material is CPA I – 84 specified for fire retardant restrictions.
  2. If the tent is going to be used a lot for swap meets or flea markets make sure that the frame is commercial grade because I light duty frame will break after setting up and breaking down with much use.
  3. Most pop up tents come with a carry bag with built-in wheels. This enables you to transport the pop-up tent easily.
  4. A standard option with pop-up tents are built in footpads.  Make sure that footpads are built-in to the bottom of each pop-up tent leg.

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