Monday, August 29, 2011

Outdoor Canopy Uses And Ideas

The outdoor canopy has many uses for all types of accasions. They can be used in a variety of situations and for numerous reasons as well. The canopy can be perfect to use when hosting a party at home or other gathering. They can be the perfect temporary covering to use in the front or back of a home.

The outdoor canopies are also perfect to use for other events, such as company picnics or to use at a home and garden show. They are very easy to set up and move. They have stakes to attach them to the ground, so they are plenty sturdy as well. Plus, multiple outdoor canopy 10x10 can be attached together, creating a very large covering in an area.

There are many variations of the outdoor canopy and some are much more decorative than others. There are versions that have decorative and ornate polls that hold the canopy up. While others have adjustable height too. The canopy cover may be a solid color or it may have a pattern on it, depending on the decor it is being matched to.

There are outdoor canopy tents that can have attachments added to them, such as sun screens and visors down the sides. There are also bug nets that can be attached and the entire canopy can also be completely enclosed if desired. Many offer matching attachments, so all the patterns and designs are the same. The attachments are easily secured by Velcro and can be added and removed at will.

Lastly, there is the option that some have to hang lights around the edge and even underneath the canopy. This can look beautiful when it lights up a back or front yard party or event. This is also perfect for when the outdoor canopy is being used at a show or corporate event and light will be needed well into the evening.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pop Up Tent Canopies Saved The Day

The biggest fund raiser of our club is the annual outdoor craft show. This past weeks event was hindered by a bad forecast, but the event was saved due to pop up tent canopies. Although the weather didn't entirely interfere with the two days of the event, many sales would have been lost had it not been for the tents.

The few times it rained, the canopies offered refuge to customers and vendors alike. The optional detachable sides can be moved to attach to different walls of the canopy. No matter which way the wind may be blowing you are always protected from rain and cold.

The initial investment for the pop up canopies was a bit steep due to the number and variety of sizes we had to order. In just a few short years they have paid for themselves by keeping every function up and running. The walls offer a great way for the vendors to display their name and or logo. So many are impressed with our event that we have a waiting line for new vendors to come in. All due to the versatility of the canopied tent.

If you or your group is interested having an outdoor event, look into making use of these canopy tents. Square, oblong, hexagonal, and built in a large variety of sizes there is no way you can wrong. An entire stage can be protected if your event should offer all day entertainment.

Custom size tent canopies can be made based on specific requirements. Standard sizes range in the area of five feet to twenty feet. Colors are plentiful and optional as is the design features of all these tents. Reminiscent of old time fairs, your event's success is inevitable as attendees are drawn to the wide array of sizes, shapes and colors.

Mother Nature threatened our event, but she had no effect on the outcome. Despite the dreary days, the use of pop up tent canopies made our craft show as profitable as it has always been. If you are planning any kind of outdoor event, any investment you make in these tents will be money well spent.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Everyone Should Have Party Tents

The party tent is a very function structure that can come in handy for a number of purposes and people. While every canopy is a convenient structure to have, this type has much more to offer. It is not only a shelter, but an instant one. You can single handedly put it up in only a few moments. Why worry and fuss with poles and parts for an hours, trying to put up a tent or other similar structure when you can choose the pop up version that will only take a moment of your time.

Those who go on camping trips or other outings, such as parties, backpacking, or just relaxing at the beach will find that a structure such as this is quite beneficial. Not only can it provide shelter, but it gives you peace of mind that no matter what the weather happens to be, you have a backup plan. This will allow you to enjoy your recreational time more and stress less.

Those who enjoy hosting large outdoor parties will find that they can use their time planning all the special details without worrying about inclement weather. And it does not take an expert to set these party tents up. You can do it in a few moments of spare time, or not even bother with putting them up unless you see a few raindrops.

Many businesses appreciate party tents because they are a quick and easy solution for their outdoor needs. No matter whether it is for a company party or a vending need, these are easily implemented into the plan.

Many invest in a party tents when they recognize how handy and efficient it is to have around. It is always a good plan to have one in your car for emergencies, and another one in the garage at home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Purchasing And Using Party Tents

If you are planning an outdoor occasion, sometimes you need something to keep the sun, rain, or bugs off your guests. Affordable and easy to deal with, party tents can be just the thing for your special day. Unlike other structures, these tents are simple and easy to put up, and don't require outside help for most people.

The party tents are made of galvanized steel pole frames and polyethylene roofs, these tents meet all CPAI-84 safety requirements and are flame-retardant. This means that your gathering is protected from dangerous situations and meets any legal requirements. The polyethylene tops of these tents come in a variety of sizes so that you can pick the right one, and can be solid colors or striped for a little additional fun.

Party tents are available with and without walls for rainy, windy, or bug-laden days. These walls can be either the same polyethylene material used for the roofs, which is sturdy and waterproof, or netting, for keeping out the bugs while allowing in the light. There are even models with poly walls that have windows in them.

There are traditional style tents with pointed roofs, higher peaked canopies for a visually exciting look, and A-frame setups available. Replacement parts make keeping your party tents in order cheap and easy, because you don't have to replace the entire structure if something wears out. Or, you can use one frame with two different roofs to create a more somber appearance for weddings and solemn occasions, and a fun-filled fiesta on other days.

Renting party tents are available from various agencies, but looking around before renting one is suggested. Some companies sell their party tents at such low prices that it hardly makes sense not to buy them. And for people who will use their new structure more than once, purchase is always advisable.