Thursday, August 4, 2011

Purchasing And Using Party Tents

If you are planning an outdoor occasion, sometimes you need something to keep the sun, rain, or bugs off your guests. Affordable and easy to deal with, party tents can be just the thing for your special day. Unlike other structures, these tents are simple and easy to put up, and don't require outside help for most people.

The party tents are made of galvanized steel pole frames and polyethylene roofs, these tents meet all CPAI-84 safety requirements and are flame-retardant. This means that your gathering is protected from dangerous situations and meets any legal requirements. The polyethylene tops of these tents come in a variety of sizes so that you can pick the right one, and can be solid colors or striped for a little additional fun.

Party tents are available with and without walls for rainy, windy, or bug-laden days. These walls can be either the same polyethylene material used for the roofs, which is sturdy and waterproof, or netting, for keeping out the bugs while allowing in the light. There are even models with poly walls that have windows in them.

There are traditional style tents with pointed roofs, higher peaked canopies for a visually exciting look, and A-frame setups available. Replacement parts make keeping your party tents in order cheap and easy, because you don't have to replace the entire structure if something wears out. Or, you can use one frame with two different roofs to create a more somber appearance for weddings and solemn occasions, and a fun-filled fiesta on other days.

Renting party tents are available from various agencies, but looking around before renting one is suggested. Some companies sell their party tents at such low prices that it hardly makes sense not to buy them. And for people who will use their new structure more than once, purchase is always advisable.

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