Monday, July 25, 2011

Party Tents: All You Wanna Know About It.

Using party tents are something people commonly use to help from the sun or rain. They are not only used for parties however, what you might not be aware of it they can be used in times of emergencies also.

They are commonly used in graduation parties, wedding reception, conference meetings or any other outdoor events as they provide convenient shelter for guests, from the sun, wind, rain and winds. On the flip side they are used in times of worry. When a tornado blows a neighborhood to pieces, or a flood drowns the neighborhood, these tents are a place of shelter.

There are two types of party tents, the Pole type which is the traditional kind; the frame kind, the most famous of all, because of its versatility and it can be customized into what shapes would you like. The most commonly used when in comes to conveniences is the pole type due to its portability and it requires only less setup. It relies on the perimeter poles as well as the internal poles to support the roof, while frame type requires specialized hardwares and more labor although it provides you a wide open space because of the elimination of the needs of center poles.

There are two ways on getting these, it can be rented or bought. The easiest way is to rent one. The first thing you need to do is to call the different party stores in your area. Ask them if they carry them, how much they are, what color they are, and when they are available. You might have to go online in order to get the one of your choice.

When choosing how large they need the party tents to be you must think about the number of people. In the case of emergency, the biggest will probably make best. Be sure that it can handle the amount of people along with tables and chairs. Now all you have to do is give them a down payment and reserve the inflatable party tents for the day you need it. Make sure this includes installation and take down. You might not have the time to do it yourself.

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