Friday, December 27, 2013

How Pop Up Canopies Make Business Simpler

Pop up canopies serve almost any situation in a helpful way. Party planners use them as a regular part of various functions. In community projects and festivals, they are great for vendors to set up displays that feature service information brochures.
They work like offices, each set up as a booth in which customers can go to gain information. At job fairs, companies use them to separate themselves from the company sitting just a few feet away. They work well for garden parties, at family reunions, or on the beach. Gather a few in the back of a camper for instant shade and shelter while hanging at a campground.
One of the most useful things to have at a flea market is a canopy. It sets sellers apart from the buyers, creating a makeshift storefront. Each canopy represents a different section. Buy them custom or decorate each with a temporary sign or standing sign on the outside for effective advertising.
They are not heavy and unwieldy as to be difficult for travel and require very little set-up time. Instead of connecting pieces, these open up and one secures them to their temporary location. During job fairs, use a pop up canopy that can fit a table and chairs on both sides. This gives one an opportunity to sit down and speak with possible candidates about the company and its openings. This is a more personal touch over just handing out fliers.
During a wedding reception that features a variety of foods, caterers may use the different tents to house treats. One canopy might have a custom sundae bar, while another one holds a portable bar and smoothie section. This provides something for adults and children attending the function. On sunny days, pop up canopies provide space for friends and family to come back to after walking the beach or swimming. Rather than searching for a space to sit, canopies readily identify which section everyone meets under.

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