Thursday, January 23, 2014

Knowing If And When You Need Carports

Carports are used in many different areas by many different types of people. Amazingly even though they have been around for a long time many homeowners still are unaware of when to use them. For those wondering about them here is a simple guide.
In order to correctly figure out if you need one lets discuss briefly what they are. We all know what a garage is but a car port is different. It has a roof that covers the car and usually visible means of support but is not enclosed like a garage is. This affords protections from rain and excessive sunlight both of which are uncomfortable and can in many cases damage your car.
Many times these canopies are attached to a side or back door of a home. Other are however freestanding and almost mimic the look of a garage. Some are so easy to install that they are portable and can be easily carried anywhere in the trunk of your car. This provides the perfect protection from the elements for you car truck or RV. Yes canopies are now big enough to cover your RV as well.
You generally have a couple of major building materials that are used for these canopies. One of the most durable and popular is a structure made out of metal. Usually the metal is aluminum and is meant to last for years. On the other hand you can also decide that a metal framed canopy is not for you. The choice is canvas. These types of canopies are durable and allow for greater sizes without the added weight found when using metal.
Choosing to create and install carports is an excellent idea for any homeowner. Their durability and flexibility allows for easy installation as well portability. Your only choice is between a metal canopy or a canvas one.

Key points about carports:
  1. The frame and material carport should be able to withstand a considerable snow load.
  2. Canopy stakes and industrial footings should be considered if the carport is being used in a windy area.
  3. Heavy-duty zipper entries should be applied to the front and back of the carport for easy exit and entry.
  4. If winds of 60 miles or greater occur, it is advisable to dismantle the carport because the structure is no match for mother nature.

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