Monday, January 7, 2013

Pop Up Tents Are Convenient And Innovative

Many people simply love camping but find setting up their campsite to be too time consuming and labor intensive. Some canvas shelters, especially older models, are heavy and require several people to set it up. People want to arrive at their destination and start enjoying their break straight away. No wonder then that pop up tents have become so popular.
These shelters are relatively recent arrival on the scene. The shelter features very flexible hoops that immediately spring into shape when the pack is opened. In fact, it generally requires less than five seconds. When it is time to go, the shelter is quickly and easily packed down in a tight disk shaped package, ready for the next use.
The main advantage of these shelters is self evident. The instant pop up tents are very quick to set up. They have other distinct advantages too, however. Most pop up tents are generally lightweight and they can be transported in just about any mode of transport. They are available in many sizes and shapes. Some models can sleep as many as six adults.
There are some drawbacks, though. In most cases, the coverings are single skinned and they are not very good at keeping out severe weather. They are not suitable in windy conditions either and they should not be expected to last for very long. In most cases they are marketed for use by young people or by people that require a shelter for one season only.
There are several online suppliers that can deliver a wide variety of models. Many offer free shipping under certain conditions. Care should be taken to deal with reputable suppliers only and consumers should make sure that the product that they order is covered by a valid warranty. It is always worth it to scan consumer feedback sites before dealing with an online supplier.
Pop up tents have their disadvantages but they are perfect for people that do not want to spend any time in setting up their site. Because the pop up tents are so light they can be used just about anywhere. Pop up tents should not be confused with domed or inflatable shelters.  What makes a pop-up tent is the frame's ability to instantly open. The inflatable instant canopy type tends are a different type of mechanism.

Below are some key points about pop-up tents:

  1. Most pop-up tents are operated with a pushpin adjustable leg.
  2. The top of a pop-up tent is installed a can remain on the frame indefinitely.
  3. Most pop-up tents should have built-in footpads into the lake to enable a secure fitting to the ground.
  4. Pop-up tents should not be used for permanent use.
  5. Flea market vendors looking for pop-up tents should choose heavy-duty frames due to the high use of installation and breakdown.

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