Monday, January 21, 2013

What To Know About Outdoor Party Tents

If you have decided to plan an outdoor event or celebration in your garden or elsewhere, outdoor party tents are always a first choice in preparation. Enjoying yourself does not go hand in hand with a shelter, but it can save you quite a lot of hassle. The weather is always unpredictable, and can leave you battered and bruised if you are not properly protected.
There is a great range of different options that you have the luxury to choose from. This choice will be ultimately determined by your specific needs and the type of event you are hosting. Be sure to think about what it is that you are looking for and why.
One of the main questions in this instance is the type of support needed. Each party tent shelter will be designed in a certain, highly specific way. This plays a big part in the tent that you end up choosing. This is actually quite a complex decision and takes more time that you might think at first.
Possibly the most simple option would be to go for a frame tent. This happens to be a common choice on account of its easy setup. The bad news is that it only comes in small. This means that the tent frame structures are aimed at very specific hosts.
If you are expecting flexibility in terms of the amount of space the outdoor party tent allows for, have a look at pole-structured models. This type of tent will come in many different sizes for any occasion. The downside to this tent is that it will normally consist of a large pole in the middle of the partying space.
This massive variety now available when looking at outdoor party tents is highly useful, and very specifically designed. Each model is cleverly developed with the host's desires as a priority. You will find a range of pros and cons that will help you settle with the best choice for you.

Key factors about outdoor party tents:
1) Make sure you have canopy footpads and tent stakes if the party tent is going to be in a windy area.

2) If the party tent will be used in a public setting, it is important to use a tent that is certified CPA I – 84. The certification will be required by most fire marshals in the United States.

3) If the party tent is larger than a 15 x 15' deep hole diameter should be at least 1 5/8. A poll gauge of 10 should also be required.

4) The best time to find deals on outdoor party tents is January and February. Outdoor party tents cost more in the summer time due to high demand.

5) if there are heavy rains and winds, the party tent should be taken down. A party tent is no match for mother nature.

Some other factors:
  • Pole size
  • Thickness of cover
  • FR rated
  • Gage of pole

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