Monday, December 17, 2012

The Technical Aspects Of Custom Pop Up Tents

The worst part of camping and canopy creation for events is usually the pitching. With custom pop up tents, however, this problem is eliminated. People's needs for tents vary and with a custom made product, every family is able to create one of their dreams.
Their uses vary, from camping trips to wedding parties or other events. Custom pop ups can be ordered for all these purposes. A canopy may be customized with many appropriate details included, such as valance tops that extend a few feet over the canopy.
The instant pop up tents are packed in a bag for easy transportation. Further aiding travel, they are lightweight. This means they may be taken along on hiking trips without worries about heavy items to carry.
Environment is important and color adds to ambiance. For business use, company logos might be included. For events, logos featuring relevant information pertinent to the event may be printed on tent walls.
A restraining bag is used to hold it in place. Once this is removed, the tent pops open. These instant canopy tents can be placed on inclines and uneven surfaces. If the door faces downwards to prevent flooding in the event of wet weather, any surface is effective.
The ends contain loops through which pegs are placed with a hammer. One might prefer to order extra positions for pegs if loosening pegs is a common problem. However, as long as pegs are placed at a 45 degree angle, this shouldn't be an issue.
Preattached guy ropes will also be included. These are adjustable in case there's the problem of restrained space for pitching. The slide is easily adjusted to make the ropes as taught as possible.
An indoor tent is also an option as a fun play area for children. Even beach days are covered with a tent customized for this purpose. The possibilities of custom pop up tents is endless.

Key Points of Pop Up Tents:

  1. Make sure that the frame joints are strong if you are going to use the tent for long term use.
  2. If the tent is being used in public, it would be a good idea to use a CPAI-84 certified pop up tent top, which will satisfy most local fire marshals.
  3. In harsh weather, take the canopy down.
  4. If you live in an area with harsh sunlight, make sure you get a pop up tent top with a high denier count.
  5. Long term use tents should have a galvanized steel or powder coated frame.

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