Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Learn More About Outdoor Canopy Uses

An outdoor canopy is a free-standing structure that looks like a tent. It differs from a tent in that it lacks an attached panel that covers the ground. These canopies come in different designs. You can get a simple portable one that can be used in a backyard or a sporting event. There are also some other elaborate canopies used to provide shelter and shade during special events such as graduations and wedding ceremonies.

Business people find many uses for these types of canopies. Buyers pay attention to color, style and size when purchasing canopies. Although such canopies have different uses, many people choose them for decor. Business owners use them as building extensions via doors and windows. They actually add personality to a building. They also provide shade to customers waiting outside.

Hotels and resorts make great use of these canopies. A hotel owner may choose to use several canopies to offer shaded areas around the swimming pool. Visitors are usually charged an extra fee by hotel owners whenever they sit under them. This is actually one way to utilize this kind of outdoor addition.

You can also find canopies in restaurants. Such canopies try to make outdoors more desirable for customers. The outdoor canopy tents usually give restaurant owners a cheap way to expand their operations.

The good thing about these canopies is that the entire installation can easily be customized. You can easily adjust the size, color and style of your canopy. It is also easy to custom print designs and logos on the fabric. Many people have taken this as an opportunity to advertise their businesses to the public.

You should be concerned about the durability of your outdoor canopy for any type of use. Canopies can easily be destroyed by rain, snow, hail and many other adverse weather conditions. You need to look for a durable one if you want it to serve your needs.

Basics of outdoor canopy tents:

  1. Make sure you get foot pads for windy conditions.  This will secure the canopy.
  2. Mesh side walls can weaken the wind and secure the canopy.
  3. If the canopy is going to be used for rain protection, do not use canvas.  A waterproof poly or vinyl material is better.
  4. Make sure that the poles of the canopy are galvanized.  This prevents rust.
  5. Make sure there are grommets at least every 18" to secure the canopy tarp.

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