Friday, September 6, 2013

Versatile Garden Canopies For Your Home

Garden canopies are easy-to-assemble, lightweight structures which can be used in your yard for a variety of purposes. They can either be fixed or temporary, depending on the usage. Usually ranging in size between 10 by 10 feet and 20 by 20 feet, they can be purchased in a variety of shapes and colors. The purchase of this versatile item will have you wondering why you never tried one before. The applications are endless - the structures can be used for:
The main usage of these canopies is to provide shade from the sun's rays. Comfortable tables and chairs can be set up beneath the tent to provide a relaxing area for socializing and meals. Food that is set up under this structure will stay fresher longer if the heat of the sun is diverted. Plants can gain some respite from the heat during peak summer hours if temporarily shaded under these canvasses.
Protection From Bad Weather
The sky might be overcast and the smell of rain in the air but that doesn't mean that you have to cancel your backyard plans. These structures are weather resistant and perfect for back-up shelter. Many garden canopies can be purchased with drop-down or removable canvas sides which can also cut down on the amount of wind that goes through the structure.
A Focal Point
If you are having a yard sale, use a small garden canopy tent for a highly visible cashier's station. The same tent may house a face painter and magician during a child's birthday party. For adult purposes, a temporary bar can be set up under the tent on a special occasion. A white or ivory draped tent can be the shelter over a bride, groom and officiator during a formal lawn wedding. Fill the inside with a variety of toys and it can become a designated play area.
Escape from flying insects
Small children and the elderly will benefit from those structures with netting sides to protect them
from mosquitoes, bees and other harmful bugs. Insect-repelling equipment and supplies hung from the inside ceiling brackets of the tent can provide further protection.
A Temporary Patio Cover
Funds may not be on hand for a cover for your deck or patio so these structures can provide a temporary solution. Seating areas and plants under this canvas cover can make an extra living area for you and your family.
Garden gazebo canopies have many uses and it may not be until you actually own once that some of these become apparent. The next time you require extra shelter for your personal or party usage, think about how much you would use your own personal and portable tent structure.

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