Friday, July 19, 2013

Plan A Special Event Using Circus Party Tents

Organizing a celebration at home is always a daunting prospect. Any organizer wants to make sure the child has a fantastic time with its friends. Buying circus party tents is the ideal solution to any event, and something that can be used many times in the future, or for different types of functions.
With so many households across the country trying to save money, entertaining at home can be a perfect solution. Using a tent at home or another family members backyard, will make parties personal and memorable. As well as providing the perfect surroundings, a good tent will also give good protection against bad weather and the sun.
Before you go ahead and buy anything, check the dimensions carefully to make sure it fits into the space you have. Always remember to leave plenty of space around the tent. Check the details carefully to make sure that the setup is easy, that the fabric offers UV protection and is fire retardant for safety.
As well as using this type of party tent for a child, they also have many other uses. Adults may choose to use them for fancy dress parties, by decorating the tent itself and surroundings for many other types of themes. It is always a good idea to get the best size and quality you can afford, so that this is used for other occasions in the future.
Buying circus party tents has never been easier with such fantastic retailers on the Internet. Consumers now have a wide choice of designs and sizes that can be accommodated at most homes. Having a special event at home is always going to be a much cheaper option than hiring premises, as well as separate caterers and entertainers. We all want our child's party to be special and enjoyable, so doing something personal in home surroundings can be highly successful as well as much cheaper on the wallet.

Key points about circus party tents:
  1. Many people who use party tents want Windows on the sidewalls – these cost a bit more than the average sidewalls.
  2. It is important to make sure that your circus party tent is classified as a CPA I – 84 specified fire retardant tent. Most party tents are used in a public setting, and this will be mandatory in most cities.
  3. If your circus tent is going to be larger than 20' x 40' is important to make sure that the poll diameter is 2 inches or more, this assures that stability will be intact for the larger structures.
  4. If there are going to be slight winds during the event. It is important to make sure that your party tent has footpads with canopy stakes to secure the tent to the ground.
  5. Make sure your fire retardant certificate is a CPA I – 84. Keep the certificate on you at the event to make sure it is readily available to be presented to the fire marshal if need be.

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