Friday, March 3, 2017

Commercial Grade Party Tents

Commercial grade party tents are an essential tool for catering companies, event coordinators, wedding planners and overall event organizers. The essential components for party tents are:

  1. Heavy duty galvanized steel frame. 
  2. Fire retardant tent top. 
  3. Footpads and canopy steaks for secure foundation. 
  4. A CPA I – 84 fire retardant specification. 
The above specifications are essential for party tents due to the requirements of using them in public.  Of heavy duty frame is essential for multiple uses on a daily weekly and monthly basis.  Most party 10 tops need to be fire retardant due to fire marshal regulations. Most events will take place in public and cover many people so liability is an issue and a fire retardant top is essential. Due to even the slightest of windy conditions making a canopy unstable it is important to make sure the foundation of the canopy is firmly set in the ground. Foot pads and canopy steaks can I sure a solid footing of the party tent.  ACPA I – 84 fire retardant specification will be essential to supply a fire marshal or satisfy insurance requirements when using large party tents in public. 


Most commercial grade party tent sizes range from 10' x 10' two 30' x 40'. Industrial size party tents can range up to 100' x 300' but will require building permits most likely. 

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