Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vendor Grade Pop Up Tents

Vendor grade canopy pop up tents are essential for vendors that use these tents every weekend.  Vendors that set up their pop up tents at fleamarket's, swap meet, farmers markets and weddings know the importance of a pop up tent with a heavy duty frame and a thick top.  Many times the novice vendor will buy a light duty pop up tent at Home Depot and find themselves with a broken tent after a few uses.  It's important to have a heavy duty tent frame and thick top that can stand the test of time, use and harsh elements.  For many vendors the clean aesthetics are important because this will be the first impression a buyer has about your business.  

Below are important key factors for pop up tents:

  1. A heavy duty frame that could be used every weekend for a long period of time. 
  2. A minimum of a 500 denier top to withstand harsh sun and rain. 
  3. Sandbags to keep the tent frame in place in the occurrence of heavy winds.
  4. A neutral white color top unless the theme of your company is a distinct color. White is all encompassing for many situations.

To test the strength of a pop up tent frame, many users will hold onto the roof frame… The frame is strong if it can hold somebody that is 150 pounds.  It is advised to take precaution when hanging from the tent so do not let your feet remove from the ground.  This test must be done at the users on discretion. 

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