Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Canopy Tent Trends for 2018

Every year the demand for new types of canopy tents grows.  Many people find new requirements for outdoor shade or weather protection.  This year shows a new trend of necessity as oppose to leisure driven purposes.  The growing trend of minimalism is seeping it's way to the canopy tent segment.  An increasing trend of people are choosing to buy smaller homes and opt for a carport as appose to a shed or metal building.  In some cases people have been storing excess belongings in an enclosed canopy tent rather than a storage unit. 

A recent canopy tent buyer at Ace Canopy said, "I would rather spend $500 fixing up my backyard with a canopy tent gazebo, than spending the $5000 on vacation trip this summer."

Although the economy is improving, many people are choosing to improve the quality of their backyard in exchange for that expensive summer trip.

New Trends To Expect in 2018 From The Canopy Tent Industry

  • Substance over style.  More people will be buying canopy tents for their function before looks. 
  • Mid range grades of canopy tents will be desired.  Customers will not want the light duty of super expensive heavy duty models but will opt for the medium to higher grade canopy.
  • Slight increases in prices due to material costs such as metal and plastic. 

Below is enclosed canopy tent which will most likely be the higher demand canopy tent in 2018.


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