Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Party Tent Canopies For Events And Vendors

Party tent canopies vary in quality and it is essential to know the differences which can save you money, effort and headaches.  Your average street vendor or event planner will require a heavy gauge steel pipe for the canopy frame.  A strong frame will ensure stability and the longevity for daily use.

Light duty party tents are basically meant for two reasons: One, lower cost and two, easy mobility.  The light duty tents should only be considered for occasional use. 

Below are the key points and differences between the light duty and heavy duty party tent canopies:

Light Duty Party Tent Canopies:

  1. Mobile, light and easy for transport
  2. Lighter Steel and Top Material 
  3. Cost effective 
  4. Less resilient to harsh weather 
  5. Easily breakable 
Heavy Duty Party Tent Canopies:

  1. Long Lasting, good for daily use
  2. Heavier to transport
  3. Cost more
  4. Higher Quality and more appealing appearance 
  5. More resilient to harsh weather
The material for party tent canopy frames can vary from galvanized steel poles to powder coated steel.  Party tent canopy tops can range from, polyester, poly oxford and vinyl. 

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