Thursday, November 29, 2018

What to Expect From Canopy Tents in 2019

The canopy tent industry will see some changes in 2019.  The weather, politics and the economy will all be a factor.

Canopy tents are an expendable item.  These temporary shelters will not last forever.  The main question is, how long will they last.  The current trend in weather is seeing summers with higher temperatures and winters with colder temperatures.  Below are some changes we can expect to see for the canopy tents industry in 2019:

  1. Thickness of material - Due to the longer and hotter summers, the tops on canopy tents will need to be thinker that they have in the past.
  2.  Cost of steel - Trade tariffs will have a major effect on the cost of steel.  All American importers that sell steel related products can expect a 27% increase in costs, rounding off the margins of products to a minimum of 30%  American made products can be up to 60% higher than imports.
  3. Loss of product due to volatile weather - 2018 saw record high storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.  If the past 10 year trend continues, we are likely to see more and thus be prepared to have damages to canopy tents due to this factor.    
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