Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer Weddings With White Ace Canopies

One of the most essential items for a wedding is a canopy tent.  Nothing gets you more bang for your buck at the event.  A beautiful white top accompanied with the bride's white dress tie's the whole ceremony together. Wedding canopies can be expensive but there are places where you can get these tents for cheap.  In many cases it is more cost effective to buy instead of rent.  Below are some key factors on why it is better to buy the canopy tent for a wedding instead of renting:

  1. Many canopy rental companies need the most heavy duty grade to last set up and take down for events all year long.  Sometimes it pays to buy a medium grade canopy tent that is cheaper to buy than the purchase price of the much heavier duty type.
  2. Re-use the canopy tent after the wedding.  If you have a home with a backyard it might be worth it to buy and get more use out of the tent.
  3. Sell the tent after the wedding.  The resale value on canopy tents are very good.  You could potentially save a lot of money by buying the canopy tent for the wedding and selling it afterward as appose to renting it. 
  4. Gift the tent.  It's great item to offer a friend and family member and after you subtract the rental cost you would have paid if you rented, the canopy tent cost to gift might be marginal. 
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