Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get The Right Accessory For Your Canopy!

Having the right canopy accessory for your canopy can be how long your canopy lasts. The weather sometimes does a good job at making sure it doesn't last as long as you hoped for or as long as it could have lasted. The Foot pads which are a canopy accessory stable the canopy on to the ground, it can be concrete, grass, dirt, and these foot pads will stabilize the canopy and helping it not crumble under strong weather. The ball bungees is another canopy accessory and this accessory helps keep the tarp secure to the canopy. The Ball Bungee is a must have to secure the tarp but other options are available such as rubber tarp straps. Check out all the accessories on the site, currently all on sale saving you up to 70% off on your order. Check out and save on all Canopy accessories.

Thank You,

Ace Canopy


Anonymous said...

These footpads are very much a must have, do not buy a canopy with out the footpads!

Anonymous said...

The accessories will make a difference in the canopy and how long it lasts, I recommend them.

Anonymous said...

My old canopy lasted 2 years and the Ace canopy canopy I have had for 5 and its still good to go, the difference is material but also I have footpads on this canopy.

Priscilla U. 39 Miami, FL.