Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't Get Caught Without A Shade Canopy!!

Shade Canopies are in and they are the #1 shade canopy for the summer. Ace Canopy created a new design that perfected the idea of the perfect shade canopy. Shade Canopies are not like your typical canopy with a tarp. These shade canopies are made with a special mesh tarp with perfectly sized openings which let in the right amount of light without burning but giving you the right amount of light and shade. This great shade canopy is not only inexpensive but it also has a 5 year warranty there for we are asuring you that you will love it and it will stand for atleast 5 years, the lifetime of these canopies are often more than 10 years. You will be completely satisfied with your shade canopy. A lot of people do love this item because its great for camping and outdoor activities as well as shade for the backyard, a perfect add on to the patio. This Shade Canopy is just the way to go when looking for strickly shade without ahving to completely back out under the canopy. Currently all shade canopies are on sale and different colors are also available, take advantage and check out the selection of shade canopies at www.acecanopy.com .

Thank You,
Ace Canopy


Anonymous said...

This new Inovation is truly amazing Ace Canopy. I bought my Shade Canopy 3 weeks ago and received it put it up and truly just loved it. I like in Southern California and shade is a requirement here and this canopy truly is great. I am very satisfied with my order. Will do business again!

Thank You Again, Galdavit Jharit.

Anonymous said...

Super Star Canopy. I think its a great product :)

Anonymous said...

I set my shade canopy under some plants to protect them and boy you should see all teh flowers that blossomed. Makes me so so Happy!!!

Anonymous said...

My moms loves this shade canopy. She sits outside under it with her bird cages hanging on the sides of the canopy and knitts for hours. Its a pretty good shade product.