Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emergency Canopies Is Something You can't Go Without!

2010 has been a strange year with its crazy Earthquake pattern, although earthquake specialists have expressed how 2010 is no different than other years it does not take away from this year having the most memorable earthquakes taking down cities and leaving so many poor victims with nothing. Ace Canopy has been there to provide shelter to all these innocent victims affected by these natural disasters, with emergency quick pop up canopies and outdoor tents, these people have found shelter, security, privacy and a place to call home in the mean time. The outdoor canopy is a canopy made at the Ace Canopy Manufacturing facility, Ace Canopy produced more of these canopies than anyone in the U.S and sent to Haiti and other places around the world. The canopy is a must have shelter, it is great to have handy for any natural disaster emergencies. The way it has helped thousands of people is indescribable. Check out all the canopies available at www.Acecanopy.com currently you will save hundreds during the final summer event sales. Don't let your family down, have something to protect them and be prepared for the unthinkable.

Thank You,

Ace Canopy


Anonymous said...

I am very honored to say I was there to hand deliver lots of Ace Canopy,Canopy tents to many Haitians. Great quality Canopies.

Samantha June.

Anonymous said...

You could never be too prepared. I purchased 1 one your pop up tents with a wheel carry bag, its perfect for an emergency.

Thank You Guys!

Frank Palmer.