Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pop Up Tents For Camping, All Now On Sale!!

The warm seasons are here and its time to do our outdoor activities. Ace Canopy's favorite outdoor Tent is the Pop Up Tent not only is it a favorite of ours but its a customers favorite for outdoor activities. The Pop Up Tent is great for those Camping trips, its easy to set up and easy to close back down, also what makes this pop up tent great for outdoor activities, is that it comes with a carry bag with wheels making transportation a breeze. The pop up tent is just over all very convenient aside from the fact we have them in so many different colors, sizes and styles. The selection for Pop Up Tents is great, from slant leg, straight leg, diamond shape, square and the list truly does go on. The Pop up Tent is just 1 great outdoor tent, gotta have them for those beach trips, fishing trips, hunting trips, Park games, picnics, lake picnics, parties, It is just oh so very useful. Take a look at all the Pop Up Tents Now on sale at

Thank You,
Ace Can


Anonymous said...

Isn't this true! We love the heck out of our Ace pop up tent 10x10. Taking it to our camping trip this weekend.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We Absolutely love this Ace pop up. Its so convenient for any event. its perfect!