Monday, June 28, 2010

Many Different Pop Up Tents Available!

Are you tired of only having those 4 different choices of pop up tents and none of them work? Well Ace Canopy has a huge selection of pop up tents, different sizes, shapes, types, colors you name it Ace Canopy has it. Ace Canopy makes sure that they have all the pop up tents you will be looking for and the best in price and in quality. One of the favorite due to the quality and pricing is the Ace Diamond Pop up tents its one of the favorites and most popular. Lets not for get the pro pop ups that are built to last, very tough pop up tents. Check out the website now and check out the many different selections of pop up tents from straight leg to slant leg Ace Canopy has them all under one roof.

Thank You,

Ace Canopy

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Anonymous said...

I have your Professional Pop Up and Its lasted me and held on very well through the toughest of weather here in New York. I don't leave it out for strong rain storms or snow storms, I saw that isn't recommended. Very well made product!