Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Enclosed Carports!

Ace Canopy just brought in a few more new Carports and has discontinued old ones. The new Carports are a much better quality and better price, Ace Canopy always makes sure to try and make room in the warehouse for all the canopies that will cost you less but of course without taking the quality of the product. Ace Canopy is the leader in inexpensive, well made canopies and carports. Ace Canopy has many carports in many sizes, enclosed and non enclosed. Check out Ace Canopy for more information on all our heavy duty carports and canopies. Most Carports are made with 2inch pole diameters, which are super heavy duty. Take advantage of the sales check them out now at

Thank You,

Ace Canopy


Anonymous said...

Seriously, These are the heaviest most durable carports i have ever bought. My brother saw mine and had to buy one from you guys. Good prices too.

Thank You Ace

Rick Vaue

Anonymous said...

These carports go to infinity and beyond to protect my nissan skyline. They are made out of thick poly material that is incomparable to the usual material found and local stores.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased a new carport canopy from Its great. Just what I needed. Thanks Ace.