Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pop Up Tents Can Be A Quick Place To Sleep When Needed

In the wake of Hurricane season, there are some that will be left without a home due to storm damage. A quick solution to a portable home is pop up tents. There are several designs to consider.

One popular solution for a canopy is lightweight pop up tents. These tents are collapsible and they can be easily carried or stored. It is an easy to assemble tent, so the owner can place the collapsed tent on a campsite and then snap the framework into place.

When searching for a pop up tent, there are many types. One of the first and popular types of tents has a series of flexible ribs that are attached to a polyester skin. The tent is usually long and thin, making it easy to take anywhere. The way this pop up tent is set up, is by bearing down firmly on the top, this will then force each rib to evenly bow outwards. Once it reaches the expanded point, it will make a dome-shaped tent. This will then have room for the owner. This tent can be stabilized with stakes and ropes if needed.

A second type of pop up tent that is being used is made of a metal rods, carbon and plastic. This style has an arrangement of springs with hinges that will automatically erect to the correct position. This tent will usually come in a circular travel bag specifically made or the tent. Once the tent is taken out of the bag and all of the straps are released allowing the tent to expand, it automatically forms a tent without any effort. While this tent may not be the same size or as roomy as a dome type tent, it does provide room for up to two people.

As with anything, the first step would be to know how to properly set up the tent. This will help prevent the tent from collapsing. Since a pop up tent is not tethered, additional equipment could assist in securing it to the ground. Items like spikes, ropes and hammers can be used.

When selecting a pop up tent, an outdoor sporting goods store will have a selection of pop up tents to choose for purchase. While the large dome tents are capable of sleeping three or four, there are compact models which will only fit a single person. The most important thing in selecting pop up tents is safety. Before purchasing, you will want to compare safety ratings of the different types of pop up tents. Once you do this you can then choose the right tent for you.

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We need pop up tents today. Do you have a pop up tent store in Tennessee?