Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fantastic Day Out With A Shade Canopy

On a sunny day, there are two ways to safely enjoy a day out. You can either wear sunglasses, a hat and rub yourself with sun lotion every two hours while looking for shady place to escape the heat or you can simply have a shade canopy.

The most simple one is the shade sail canopy. Easy to mount on four fixed posts, it is ideal to put up over a sandpit or a play area to protect your children from the sun when they are playing. The shade canopy sails are as easy to mount next to the swimming pool, in your garden, above an entry hall and over a car space.

Retractable shade canopies also called awning are perfect for windows patios and decks. Over a window, they provide a welcome shade keeping the room cool. In a patio or deck, your dinner party is shield from a too hot sun or an unwelcoming rain as they are entirely waterproof. And because they are retractable, they take no room at all.

If you like going to the beach or having picnics with your family, or if you work street fairs or markets, the portable canopy is just the thing. Light, fitting in most small car boots, it is set up in minutes. The canopy is adjustable to maximize your shade.

A large shade canopy in your garden will allow you to enjoy a hot day out by creating an outdoor living room, an ideal room to entertain or simply relax for instance. A medium or small one above a sandbox or a play area will shield your children from the sun. As a corporate, it will be the perfect tool to work on street fairs.

A shade canopy is the answer to a safe and enjoyable day out when it is hot and sunny.

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Do you guys have shade canopy end walls?