Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Guide On How To Build Garden Canopies

If you have a garden in the back of your home and would like to protect it from weather conditions then you will want the use of garden canopies. Putting up a garden canopy is quite as easy as setting up a tent. They are held up by poles which are attached to each other with the use of clips and also some hooks. Then the top cover is attached to these poles to provide a nice attractive appearance to your garden as well as protection too.

First thing you will need to do is to straighten all the garden canopy poles which will be connected to each other by the use of a bungee cord. To straighten each pole, just slightly shake them as they will begin to straighten on their own.

Be sure to separate each pole by their size. There should be four poles and each of them need to be the same size. It will only take about two or four poles to help support the roof of your garden canopy.

Next slide the top roof poles right into each corner pocket of the canopies roof. If this garden canopy has four poles then there should also be a connector. This connector should be made of plastic and in the shape of an X with holes in each side. Slide the end sides of its roof right through each openings of the connectors then just slide the rest of these poles right into the corner of all four pockets of your canopy.

Now attach the clips onto the fabric of the roof to each pole. This will help to reinforce the poles on the roof to keep them from moving. Next you will need to flip your garden canopy over where you then will attach each of these side poles.

Now slide the each pole right into the pockets at each corner of your canopy. Then connect the bungee clip onto the canopy and right to the clip that will be on the pole. By doing this it will help to reinforce your garden canopy and also help to keep the connection to the poles. After that you will only need to repeat step three and four in regard to the three remaining poles.

Now you can unravel the bungee cord from each side of the four canopy poles. Then be sure to stretch them out and then stake them into the ground. This will ensure that no wind will be able to blow your garden canopy over. Other than that you are now ready to provide your lovely garden with a home where it will be protected from some weather conditions and it will also provide you with a place to sit while you admire your garden.

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