Friday, May 25, 2012

Some Little Known DIY Ideas For Setting Up Screened Canopies

If you are looking for the best deals on screened canopies online, then you find it much easier to evaluate various offers if you have a good idea of what the concept involves. While it is important to get well priced deals, affordability should never be the only or the most important consideration. You might f ind that none of the deals are well suited to your requirements and this is where DIY ideas come in.
In practice however, the screened canopies sold online or in stores are considerably expensive. Moreover, these offers are unlikely to fit in well to the design and sizes that you have in mind. This is where the part of DIY canopy ideas comes into the rescue. It will surprise you how easy you can come up with pretty good ideas you can implement affordably in your backyard.
A bamboo canopy can be decidedly authentic and laid back in an oriental sense. Four sided bamboo canopies are the easiest to put up but may not have all the appeal you want to achieve. In such a case, it is better to adopt a polygonal ground plan but this must be regular to ensure the structure is strong enough. To prevent the canvas roof from dipping in, it is wise to use cross-bars to raise the center.
The screening of the canopy is crucial in guaranteeing that insects and bugs do not provide irritating disturbance. Depending on the use you have for the shelter, there is a selection of materials you can use for the side screening. Transparent materials are universal favorites but may not allow for the privacy you crave.

The key points for finding a good deal on shade canopies:
  • Look to see what the canopy joints are made out of.
  • Always wait for a sale.  There are sales on canopies at least once a month.
  • The thicker the top, the better.  Make sure the denier is high and it is waterproof.
  • Get a canopy frame with a thicker gauge steel if you will be using the for long term use and heavier winds.
People always say, "I don't know what happened to my canopy, it just blew away."  Small winds can make your canopy fly away so be sure to use foot pads and get a strong frame if you are in a windy area.
The convenience that comes with well designed and put up outside canopies cannot be overemphasised. It is also worth noting that there are now several options of carrying out the project at little cost from materials found in the home. The DIY ideas on screened canopies given here will help you achieve your goal with minimal cost.

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