Monday, May 7, 2012

Patio Canopies And Their Purpose

Patio canopies come with different designs and sizes depending on a variety of outdoor purposes. They are used to provide shade in the backyard as well as the deck and the swimming pool area. These canopies have many benefits such as providing protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. These canopies can also be used to extend living area and their wide range of color and design allows them to be used to beautify the area they cover.
These are more desirable during the summer time when the sun is scorching hot. Spring is breezy and cool but once its summer, a place that provides just that may not be available. This is where patio shades comes in handy. Then once the hot season has passed, they can be taken down easily and put away leaving behind a nice and enjoyable space.
Some types of canopies are more fixed than the mounting type and others are dynamic. For a more fixed choice, the sail shades, popularly known as the Australian shades would be the recommended type. This is because they are easy to mount and with the right tension they provide a shade that can not be damaged by wind.
The other preferred type is the retractable patio canopies. It has a crank handle that is manually operated or motorized to allow it to be operated without the use of hands. The main benefit to this is the retractability of the canopy to protect it from damage from strong winds and when it is not being used.
This patio awning also allows one to enjoy the sun when the weather is cool and when it gets too hot, the crank can be opened or simply pressing a button to create a shade.
Lighting can be added to a patio to make it even more luxurious. For this to be done, a fixed canopy or cover will be needed. These simple styles are a great way to save money instead of the more expensive ones that serve the same purpose.

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