Monday, July 19, 2010

The Leader In The Canopy Business, Ace Canopy.

Ace Canopy is known world wide for its intense selection of canopies of all types, from heavy duty to light duty Ace Canopy is the home of all canopies. The reason why Ace Canopy has been such a success in the Canopy business is because Ace Canopy is the manufacture of most of the canopies on our online catalog. Ace Canopy is also known for their custom canopies, for those who have business's where having a canopy to protect their customers from the weather a standard canopy that does not fit their structure is not what they now have to settle with because Ace Canopy will do their best to achieve that size Canopy you are looking for. The variety of canopies range from a simple slant leg light duty canopy, to a heavy duty pop up canopy or from a light duty outdoor canopy to a circus tent heavy duty frame 100x100 and even bigger. The variety is large to serve all customers interested in canopies. Ace Canopy takes care of everyone's canopy needs so, give us a call and see what we can do for you and your canopy idea.

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Anonymous said...

My custom party tent was a success for my event. I was very scared that it wasn't going to work out but it was nothing less than perfect, thanks you guys!

Walter & Judy Anastasiauo.

Anonymous said...

I just hosted my daughter's wedding this past weekend. It would have never been a success without my Custom Party Tent supplied by Ace Canopy. My daughter's wedding guest were so grateful for the tent, being an outdoor wedding and the extreme weather and all. The Party Tent provided more than enough shade. I want to thank all of you at Ace Canopy for all your help and support. You guys are great! Your hard work has made a wonderful memory. Thanks again.
John and Kathy Simmons