Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get The Carwash Canopy!

The car wash canopy is now available at Ace Canopy at a super low price. Our Summer sale has brought down canopy prices low to the ground and its perfect timing to get your car wash canopy. The car wash canopy works perfect to keep dirt falling on your car after it has been washed and also to prevent spraying water where it is not intended while washing your vehicle. Also the car wash canopy has removable sidewalls which can be removed to create a regular car canopy and can prevent paint damage to your vehicle caused by the sun, can save you money on car waxing, will keep bird droppings off your car and you wont have to wash your car as often which can save the paint on your car that is usually removed by excessive washing. There is just so many benefits to having a car wash canopy. Take a look at our wide selection of sizes and colors available and take advantage of our low prices.

Thank You,



Anonymous said...

I needed a canopy for my collection of cars by the weekend. I called all over and no one could expedite this canopy, Until i got a hold of Ace Canopy. They were so helpful and i had my canopy on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

My car wash canopy is perfect for my car and it eliminates the drive to the car wash.