Friday, June 22, 2012

A Guide in Choosing Canopies

Canopies and Your Lifestyle

Whether you have already established that you need a canopy for your car or just for shade, it is best to think of the other ways you might use your canopy. Do you have kids? Do you always entertain visitors? Do you spend time outdoors a lot? Do you live near the beach? Do you like functional yet decorative stuff? It is best to choose a canopy that may be used for other functions, other than what you already have in mind. Instead of getting a canopy that just fits your car, you might consider getting a Valance Top Canopy that is easy to move and set up. There are also Flat Shade Canopies that comes in different colors, which could serve as a nice shelter and d├ęcor in your backyard. Umbrella canopies are also perfect for your garden to have shade and tea with your friends.

Canopies and Your Location

Weather plays a big factor in getting the most out of your canopy. Do you live in sun shiny Florida? Is it raining cats and dogs in Louisiana? Too much “chi” or wind in Chicago? Or are you freezing in Rochester? Most A-frame canopies works best in rainy and snowy places since rain and snow just falls off easily. For sunny places, Flat Shade Canopies are perfect. It is functional, easy to set up and move around, perfect for outdoor activities, too. If you live in business district or you are a mobile trader, this canopy is a must, it is easy to mount, and you can add accessories such as lighting, signboard or back drops. Heavy duty canopies with steel frames and replaceable canopy covers are best for wind, rain, snow and extreme heat damage.

Lastly, there are lots of colors, designs, types and sizes to choose from. And it would be best to purchase your canopy from reliable dealers- with the largest selections, lowest prices, safest to shop online, great warranty policy and fast shipping. With these things in mind, choosing canopies won’t be that hard, right?

Things to consider when using a canopy:
  • Make sure you have foot pads and canopy stakes if you are in an area with heavy winds.
  • Get ball bungees with a thick cor shaft
  • Use a galvanized steel pole frame
  • Keep the canopy top on tight if is is raining.  If the top is loose and the rain catches on the canopy tent top, it could collect water and collapse from the weight.

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