Thursday, March 8, 2012

What To Look For When Selecting Easy Pop Up Tents

Easy pop up tents are often a canopy of choice for many events due to their ease of set up and take down. Overall they are easy to store and move for various events and occasions. There is also a wide range of options you can have with them so you can meet the needs of the events you will have.

When you look at getting any variety of tent the first questions that should be addressed is what events are the tent going to be used at. An open air market setup would have different requirement than an indoor trade show booth in the tent required. Combine that with is the pop up going to be used mostly indoors or outdoors and you have the base to decide on the options you should include with your final selection.

How large of an area will you need to cover with the pop up tent? Consider as a rough rule of thumb fifteen to sixteen square feet per person for a sit down event that involves objects such as a seminar or event where food is being served. You can cut that number in half if you do not need work or eating space. Take the maximum amount of people that will be sitting there at one time to figure the area that would need to be covered by the tent or tents you would need.

The next point is to look at the pop up tent frames to decide the choice of aluminum or steel for the supports. Aluminum is generally the choice for portability due to weight and the better choice for high humidity areas due to its resistance to the elements. Steel easy pop up tents are generally better for the tents that will be used outdoors or in situations where stability and durability are more important than ease of handling.

The last point is to look at the easy pop up tent fabrics that make up the tent taking into account what it will be used for. The materials of vinyl and polyester are the two most used cloths in making up the top and on some units the walls of the structure. Polyester is the default material of many of these units while vinyl is what is used in the higher end models. Price and portability favor using polyester while long term and outdoor use favor vinyl.

Easy pop up tents have become a popular item for events and occasions due to the flexibility and versatility of this portable furniture. Before you buy one these canopies for your organization know what your using it for and the details of the standard setup. Then compare that with the points we mentioned to find the best items for your organization.

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