Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Use A Food Canopy

There are many uses for a food canopy today. They can be found in many places from outdoor food vendors to family picnics to the background barbecue. In addition there are many types and styles available to suit your needs. One can find many different sizes to meet their needs.

For a family picnic you might want a tent that is easy to put up and easy to transport. Family barbecues may use more permanent structures and add on some netting to the side for pest control. Sometimes the food canopies are used only for shade for the guests. This is especially true for portable units. Side walls add to the time required to put them up.

Many street vendors use some type of umbrella to provide a bit of protection from the weather while selling their wares. Customers tend to come in close to their cart while making the purchase in order to get a bit of relief especially in very warm temperatures or in cold, blustery winds. Vendors who do not have a large enough umbrella find that their customers go elsewhere.

The food canopy is commonly seen at county fairs around the country as well. Many have areas that are affectionately referred to as the beer tent where alcoholic beverages are also sold in addition to edibles. These areas will have the umbrella over the top as well as usually half walls to prevent entrance by those who are allowed in there.

If you are considering a custom design, be prepared to pay extra. While the food canopy themselves are not all that costly, when you begin adding specials to it the price quickly rises. For most uses you will find that a standard edition type will work just fine. You will just need to know how much space you need underneath to make your decision.

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