Friday, May 6, 2011

Party Tents Useful Tools In Natural Disasters

There are many uses for party tents today. They are given that name, but in reality they are a open canopy with no side walls which are used to provide shade and protection from the elements while you are outdoors. Ace Canopy has provided many of these shelters to the victims in Japan after the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

The party tents will protect from the bright overhead sunlight as well as some of the rain that may fall. It has no side walls but it does provide a roof to be under in the event of a rain storm. Many of these are found being used for medical tents and temporary storage areas in addition to areas for families to gather for meals.

One of the great attributes of the party tents is that it is simple to set up, easy to transport and very simple to store. While level ground makes things easier, it is not required to use this type of a shelter. You can place picnic tables underneath or just provide a bench for people to sit on. The protection from the overhead sun is greatly appreciated.

In a natural disaster situation, there is always a need for temporary tent shelters. While this type may not provide all around protection, it will be helpful to provide shade from the sun and things of that nature. A person could also use this as the roof and use other items such as tarps to create side walls for protection all the way around.

The party tent canopies are useful for offering people temporary shelter as well from rain storms that might come up. It also offers the ability to place items under them to get things sorted out. No one wants to be out in the hot sun for hours while trying to clean up from a natural disaster.

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