Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips On The Canopy Tents

The major reason for canopy tents is to stay dry during rains and cool during hot season. They are structures which stand on poles and offer substantial amount of protection from wind, sunshine and rain. These tents are easy to put up and since most are not heavy in weight they are actually portable. It is advisable to be wise when choosing one product from another since portable is the key word.

Canopy is a great idea for your wedding and many shapes are available for this event. They include although not limited to hexagon, rectangular and square shapes. The sizes are different and for small weddings, it is wise to go for the small canopies for they will add value besides the appealing look.

Most canopies are made of metal, wood or plastic. The plastic one is light, easy to put up and down and of course portable. Metal and wood materials are actually heavier and therefore more permanent such that you can choose to anchor them to your concrete patio all year long.

The most popular uses of canopy tents include camping, storage space, vehicle shelters and outdoor events. Be advised to select those tents that are made of sturdy material and the canopy material has to be tough in order to withstand rain, wind and hot sun. For those who live in cold places high roof tents which can accommodate heat lamps are recommended.

Kinds of canopies are many and include Frame tents. These have canvas roofs and metal poles each on the four corners. Pole tents consist of canvas roofs which are held up by a center pole and have supporting poles on the edges. Pop up canopies have lightweight frames and fabric roofs and are easy to set up and store. Lastly, are the party canopies which have bare sides and cover which is light and are supported by more center poles. You do not need professionalism to set them up or down.

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