Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Word About Canopy Fittings

And, now, for a word about canopy fittings. These are primarily used in canopy shelters, and are included in every carport and canopy shelter kit. These fitting kits include poly tarps, frame fittings- medium peak one inch canopy fittings. These kits are also used to build outdoor movie screens. To go on with the list of implements included in the kits, there are: heavy-fitting eye screws, gold and silver in color, full machine welded joints, etc.

These canopy kits are intended to act as a garage, and to keep weather and the damage it does, from one's car. It can save the owner lots of repair bucks, and even when that sticker becomes due, lots of bucks then, too. So, the canopy fittings are durable, and they are designed to be. They are made out of metal, and even the joints, and the screws that join and keep them up are.

Another benefit of these temporary canopies, and they are emphasized to be just that, shelters is that in today's growing economic recession, and for a nation at war, is that they save the consumer money. Food prices, and the cost of everything, really, has been on the rise. Saving money is more essential than ever.

In all due fairness, the down side needs a mention, too. These canopy garages are only going to last so long. So, one wonders if this is a saving of money- which, of course, it isn't. And, it is.

Thus, there was a word about canopy fittings. They are the right thing to do, if one needs to have a garage, right away. But, the day is going to come when a real garage has to either be built or bought. And, on that day one has just bought two garages, instead. It all comes down to how much money one has on hand. Because there's always the metal one.

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