Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Utilities Of Protective Canopies

The canopies are especially designed for various models of vehicles. The requirements are very specific in their dimensions for different Ute. They are tailor made for different models. They are available in various exterior finishing. These finishing can be smooth or grained.

The base mounting canopy system provides a hugging fit and also works as perfect sealing, which makes them very protective. These are made using robust and ABS material, which make them strong, durable and long lasting.

The double locking feature provides extra protection and secures the cargo in the Ute. Some of them are fitted with double locking handles. The rear door is fitted with exclusive mechanism which lifts up this door. The gas struts assist with the opening and closing of this rear door.

Some of them are fitted with sliding side windows, which make them easy to use. The lift up window is a very practical feature, which allows easy entrance and access to the back of Ute.

Fibreglass Ute canopies are high roof with aerodynamic designs, which make them very protective. These are fitted with special twin handle closing system and are available in several colors matching the Ute color.

Most of them are fitted with an internal light. The interior light is fitted with three way switch. This switch can be activated manually or with tailgate. The LED brake light is an added feature, which consumes minimum electricity and supplies bright light.

These are designed in such a way, that the drainage system channelizes water away from the rear tailgate. These are simple to clean. These can be wiped as cleaning them is easy.

The protective canopy systems protect from hail, wind and storms. They also protect from birds and pests. The canopies are very strong, protective and practically very convenient to use. These can be matched to the color of the vehicle.

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