Monday, February 4, 2008

Custom canopies in more sizes.

Ace is now making more sizes in our custom canopies. If you need a custom canopy, we can make it for you. Ace canopy is one of the only canopy companies that can custom make your canopy and we can make it faster than any canopy shop on the market. When it comes to putting up a custom canopy over a long period of time, we know you can not afford to take any chance from a improper structure. Feel free to call us for any questions about making a custom canopy and we will be glad to help you.

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Anonymous said...

We would like a custom canopy that is 8 x 12, is that possible? I guess the only canopy that you can custom make are the pole canopies, which is fine because this canopy will be outdoors and ment for long term use.

Anonymous said...

So do you have a limit as to how many custom canopies per customer? And what type of warranty do you offer?